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Songs that are perfect for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

If you have been hooked on the Netflix hit ’13 Reasons Why’ then you will already know the soundtrack is pretty incredible.

For a show that focuses on heavy topics such as suicide and mental health, it was inevitable that song wise it was going to feature vintage classics like Joy Division and put melancholic twists on pop hits such as executive producer Selena Gomez’s cover of ‘Only You’.

But we think these twenty songs would have only added to the pain of Hannah Baker’s heartbreaking story.

You’ll hear the likes of Harry Styles’ new rocky ballad ‘Sign of the Times’, Nicki Minaj’s sorrowful ‘Grand Piano’ and Niall Horan’s acoustic hit ‘This Town’ – all the way to Little Boot’s upbeat track ‘Remedy’ and Kate Nash’s recent single ‘Call Me’.

So grab your headphones or boost up your volume to get ready for over an hour’s worth of tracks that will only make you sob harder over the upsetting popular series.

Are there any songs you think would have suited the show? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet us over on @Fuzzable, and you might see them added to our playlist.

Written by Jenn

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