Social Distancing: Five Tips for a Productive Grocery Shopping

As we enter another month where social distancing measures are still in place, it seems that the way we are living now will continue to be the new normal. Despite many people living in isolation, there is still the need to go out occasionally in order to purchase essential items, such as groceries. While grocery shopping seems like a simple task, there are various ways to make the process more productive. In a time when grocery store lineups are long and people want to minimize contact by getting in and out of stores quickly, knowing how to shop effectively is necessary. Therefore, Fuzzable has compiled a list of five essential grocery shopping tips that will help you get your essentials quickly.

Make a list

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The best thing you can do before going to grocery shopping is to make a list. It helps to know exactly what items you need so that you can move through the store quickly and so that you will not forget anything important. Plan out meals for the next one to two weeks and put any ingredients you need on the list. Be sure to think about everybody in your household, including pets, and how much food they need. When writing your list, it helps to organize your items by category. If you organize your list by store departments, such as produce, dairy, and bakery, you are less likely to walk in circles around the store before finding everything.

Look for deals

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Saving money on groceries is always a good thing, but this is especially important when jobs and pay are up in the air. Before deciding on a store to shop at, check out flyers in the newspaper or online to find the latest sales. Some stores are also active on their social media, so be sure to follow for information about promotions that may not be advertised in flyers. Once inside the store, keep your eyes peeled for bright sale signs and do not be afraid of buying an off-brand version of a product – they often taste the same for a cheaper price.

Go somewhere that has it all

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One-stop shopping is essential in a time of social distancing. In order to stop the spread of germs and get back to isolation quickly, getting groceries at one store only is ideal. Try to shop at stores that will have everything on your list. Big supermarkets are the obvious choice, especially as many of them have pharmacy and household sections, but independent stores can be promising as well. Many small-scale stores carry a variety of items, so consider shopping with them as they need customer’s support now more than ever.

Do research

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Many of us are taking this current situation on a day-by-day basis and grocery stores are no different. Before heading out, check your store’s website and social media to see if they are open and if their hours have changed. Keep an eye out for stores that have exclusive times for vulnerable groups, such as the first hour for seniors only. Also, check to see if the store has any new policies in place, like a requirement to wear a mask or the banning of reusable bags.

Consider alternatives

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While going to the grocery store is necessary for some, there may be alternative options for others. In today’s digital age, the opportunities for online grocery shopping seem endless. Many stores now have online options that can be delivered or picked up. There are also independent food services that deliver ingredients and recipes to your house for a week. If online shopping is a possibility for you, consider taking advantage of it as it is both easy and reduces contact.

Social distancing rules and procedures have certainly changed the way we live, but it has also forced us to think about how we conduct everyday activities. Take these grocery shopping practices to the store now, but also feel free to use them for a more productive experience in the future.

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Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

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