Social Distancing: An Introvert’s Experience of Lockdown

You are at your home without having to worry about the noise of the crowded train, the chaos in the traffic jam, and the unnecessary small talks people conduct. This lockdown, due to COVID-19, has been presumed to be an introvert’s paradise. We seem to have more time to indulge in activities we would usually put at the backseat to give precedence to the ‘routine’. Be it reading, writing, drawing, cooking, we can now plug our earphones in and forget the world like it has been paused in the background.

But it’s not all roses and rainbows. Yes, as an introvert, we might have finally gotten the space we crave in the daily hustle but we are not necessarily enjoying this prolonged lockdown. Not all of us can be fit into the same bucket of comfort, you see. With the news full of scary numbers floating around, it’s not really a ‘fun’ time for us. While the pros and cons vary for every individual, here are four things that are happening as we try to survive this period of uncertainty:

You’re Constantly Surrounded With People

COVID-19 has pushed people inside their homes. Everyone at the same time! So, while it’s important for your loved ones to stay inside and practice social distancing diligently, it has forced a company upon us introverts. Habitual of solace, being constantly surrounded by people has not been a very comforting experience. We are constantly interrupted with questions such as “why are you quiet”, “why can’t you enjoy with us for once” thrown at once as if we are deliberately trying to be anti-social. Wavelength is important for introverts and it is equally important for others to understand that our privacy matters to us the most and it cannot be invaded just on the pretext of space-sharing.

One thing that you must remember that it’s okay to be an introvert and you do not need to blame yourself if you cannot find comfort in the company of people.

Conversations Over Phone Has Increased

For me personally, phone calls are exhausting. They take up so much energy with conversations always getting stuck at “what now?” or “tell me something new”. With increasing workload/study load and the mandatory need to work or study from home, we are taking calls that we would have avoided, marketing attendance with different people or sitting through discussions that don’t demand our attention. If given a choice to make two extra documents than attend a meeting that might not lead to any conclusion, I will always go for the former. The small talks that occupy most of these conversations make us so grumpy that we fail to muster the strength and call people we would have loved to talk to.

Your Anxiety Has Hit the Roof

The chances of prolonged lockdown, the fear of job loss, and the anxiety around the health issues, in general, have affected our mental health badly. Some of us do not have access to people and resources that might have helped calm our anxiety a bit. At this point, I am always on the verge of a breakdown, every alternate day. With mind occupied by overthinking and body with anxiety, we can hardly take our time to be over-productive and make use of courses and hobbies that are being bombarded on us. Statements like “if you do not come out of this period with new skills, you do not have a problem with time, you have a problem with excuses” are not helping either. Variegated routines are finding no place of consideration and we have to now justify the lull.

You Miss Your Friends Too

Quite contrary to the belief, introverts love social company too. We are social animals, after all. But there is an exception. Our company might be small but we love our friends and cherish their presence in our lives. Not being able to go to them has not been very positive. Combine all the points shared above, we might not feel the same freedom to conduct our conversations the way we used to when we sat alone in the corner and talked for hours. The prospect of such lengthy talks does not seem possible.

A lot of people are fighting for us on the front line. So, we have to do the bare minimum and stay inside. For them and for our loved ones. While there will be issues but we can also get through this period. I am trying to cope up with my anxiety with music and drawing. It’s not easy but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I shall reach it. What about you? How are you spending your days as an introvert during this period of social distancing? Tell us via tweet @Fuzzable.

Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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