So You Want To Landscape? Avoid These Faux Pas

The home is not only a place for you to recuperate and gather your strength after a long and gruelling day. It is, in many ways, also a display of who you are as a person. Your social status, your interests, and to a certain degree, your character. And sure, those are non-tangibles. But, if you want to be pragmatic about it, well, a beautiful home will also have a much higher market value than a shabby ruin of a house.

One solid way to increase the value of your home is to invest in landscaping or to simply do it yourself. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you belong to the former or the latter group. What matters is that you or your landscaper do not commit these landscaping mistakes. Being able to avoid these errors will help save your money, effort, time, and heartache. So, what exactly are these errors?

Crowding Your Plants

Plants may seem immobile and unanimated but they do actually compete for space. When you crowd plants, they begin to take nutrients from each other, much like hungry animals fight over food where the weaker will most likely perish. It may look like you have a full yard during the first year, but during the second year, these plants will all start to die because they’d be competing for space, sunlight, and nutrients.

Starting Without a Plan

There are many projects that you can allow your passion to guide you. Landscaping is not one of these projects. A proper landscape takes planning. It’s difficult to see right away how your landscape is going to turn out. A proper garden is a prolonged project due to the fact that plants take time to grow. They may not turn out how you imagined they would in the end if you don’t plan things out. This is an essential part of landscaping, especially if you plan on building a landscaping business.


Yes, Pinterest. While it may be a great repository for ideas, the trouble here is that yards are going to vary greatly, especially when you factor in things like geography, soil type, and weather. You can’t simply decide that you want to recreate a landscape you saw on Pinterest and expect it to turn out exactly the way you want it to. There are simply too many variables to consider that it’s best to simply come up with your own idea that’s suited to your needs.

Overlooking Lighting

How else are you going to show off your beautiful landscape at night? Vanity aside, lights also serve a practical purpose — to light your path at night. Because who wants to stumble through the plants that they painstakingly planted all year, right? Not only that, but it also serves as a security measure.

Not Knowing When To Water Your Plants

This one’s rather simple but a lot of people get this aspect of landscaping wrong. There is, indeed, a right time to water your plants. And the right time of which I speak is in the morning. This allows the water to make it all the way down to the roots of your plants without evaporating due to the heat from the sun.

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