5 ways to spend the day if you’re stuck at home because of the snow

For our friends over in the United States and Canada, snow days may be a regular treat. But in the UK, it’s rare that so many schools, colleges and businesses have closed up shop for the day and sent us home. With the roads blocked and the Met Office warning us not to travel unless necessary, we’ve rounded up five ways to spend the day if you’re stuck at home because of the snow.

5. Do some housework

If you’ve been putting off the housework for a lazy weekend, then now is your chance. It’s the first day of Spring today, so give your home a spring clean and get rid of the things you may no longer need. Granted, waste trucks and charity pick-ups may be suspended until weather conditions have improved, but you can always leave your donations in the hallway until it’s safe to drive again.

4. Get up to date on college work

If you’re at school, college or university, then a day off may feel like a treat. But don’t let it go to waste – especially if you’ve got upcoming exams or you’re falling behind on coursework. Check out your school’s online portal – your teachers or lecturers may have added some work or revision that you could be getting on with. Yes, playing in the snow is fun, but failing your exams is not so much.

3. Play in the snow

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 23 or seven; playing in the snow is always going to be fun. Take a trip to your garage and find the sledge, and remember to wrap up warm before heading out. In some rural areas, you may be able to find hills or roads where you can sledge, but always remember to keep a lookout for cars on the roads.

Oh, and if you’re planning on making and throwing snowballs, don’t throw them at strangers or at cars, as they may contain small stones and could cause damage.

2. Check on an elderly neighbour

You might not struggle to navigate the paths and have fun outdoors, but for the elderly, the snow can be a major cause for concern. If you’ve got elderly family members close by or neighbours that you’re concerned about, knock on their door and check that they’re okay. You could offer to make them a cup of tea or do some shopping – a little goes a long way, and you’ll be glad you helped.

1. Build a snowman

No winter is complete without building a snowman, so gather your family and hold a competition in your garden; the best snowman wins a prize. Remember that you can find props in your house, whether that’s a carrot, a hat, or some buttons from an unwanted coat. Go all out, and share your design on social media. We were particularly impressed with this snowman from Suffolk Police.

Whatever you choose to get up to today, stay safe and have fun!

Written by J

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