Why its ok to be single on Valentines Day

Ah Valentines Day…

The day where social media blows up with post of people showing off how they celebrate the event with their significant other.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have to suck it up and deal with it since we’re ‘single’.

It has come to the point where we now have to believe that being single is bad and we are obligated to find someone.

Well guess what… they’re wrong!


Why it’s ok to be single on valentines day

single on vday

This is how I see V-day:

Valentines Day is just like any other day… but more commercialised!

I may be cynical or lashing out since I’m stuck at home, celebrating with no one, but if you kinda think about it, Valentines Day is just an event where people spend too much money on things they could do to their significant other in any other day. The fact that there needs to be an ‘event’ to show our love towards someone is kinda sad.

Do you know how much pressure people put into doing something really ‘big’ for valentines day?!?!

So what can you do in Valentines Day while you’re single?

Do the same thing you always do everyday…

  • Watch a movie that you think is worth enjoying
  • Eat in a restaurant where you could afford
  • Treat yourself with things you love doing?
  • Meet New people!

You don’t have to set up high expectations and stress out on the outcome of the event as you’re doing this for yourself. You could either do it alone or with a group of friends. It’s more fun, plus — your wallet doesn’t have to suffer.

So instead of worrying about finding someone to celebrate V-day with, just celebrate your single life, appreciate it! Make it a day for yourself!

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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