A Simple Guide to Becoming an AuPair

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Have you ever wanted to travel the world but have worried about how that would work financially?

For those who are wondering we have a simple solution: Becoming an AuPair! We know that there will be some speculations about this decision, but please hear us out!

What is An AuPair?

For those who don’t know an AuPair defines as “a young foreign person who helps with housework and childcare in exchange for food, a room and some pocket money.”

How to Become an AuPair

Becoming an AuPair is easy and very safe, especially if you go with an agency such as “AuPairWorld” and “AuPairFinder”. All you have to do is create a simple profile, which tells the families a bit about yourself, what childcare experience that you have and how long you world like to go for. You then fill out a form which states, what age of children you would like to work with, so that can be 3-6 months from 12 years or older, what area you would like to go to; that can be anywhere from Italy to China! Also the basic things like do you smoke and can you work with pets or children with additional support needs. Here the families will have done the same thing and the company will match you up with potential families based on what you wrote on your form.

Staying Safe

We understand that safety is key and especially when you are talking to strangers. We would advise when talking to the families, look on their profile and see if they have had AuPairs living with them before, if they do, excellent! You wouldn’t have to worry about their experience and lack there of. We also believe that if they are willing to Skype with you and get to know your family also, that is very important, that shows that they think that family is important to them!

Choosing the Right Family

The family is the most important part to this whole process, as you will be living with them and taking care of their children for a long period of time. As we said before having a family that truly care for how you work and how your work is key, if they want to Skype you that is also good because you don’t want to be saying “yes” to a family and not knowing if you have that connection. When we say connection, we mean, you can talk to this family without any awkward silences, that they smile a lot (a genuine smile not a “please stop talking smile”) also if they show their children on the Skype call then that is also fantastic, you would want to know who you are taking care of.

Knowing Your Limits

Like staying safe, knowing how long you want to work and how much pocket money you recieve is also highly important. Don’t be afraid to ask the family how much you will be paid, it’s not a cheeky question at all! But at the same time don’t let them pay a low amount while you are working a large amount of hours, money isn’t always important but if you are working long hours for literally peanuts, it’s  not good. But don’t be asking for too much, remember that you want to be respected by the family, don’t be aiming sky high with pocket money!

If you make this decision, we wish you all the best of luck with it, we believe that being an AuPair can be a very safe and fun journey, we also believe it is more secure than paying so much money to go out to a Country, struggling with rent and making a very low wage working in a pub for example!

If you have any questions on AuPairing don’t hesitate to contact @Fuzzable on twitter or the writer of this article @ptxkaykay

Have a great day!

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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