Should you cut your own bangs?

Should you cut your own bangs? You might be shocked with the answer.

It might be tempting to reach for a pair of scissors and take matters into your own hands. You might have been stressed. You might have had a rough day. You might just be tired of your bangs.

However, the answer remains the same despite any reason you might conjure to convince yourself to cut them. Our minds cannot be changed on this topic.

That answer, in short, is:


If you want your bangs cut, see a professional. They will be able to help you with deciding on a look, cutting them in a manner that is pleasing to you, and helping you with everything you may need. It is never worth the risk doing it yourself.

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Written by Jenn

still irish. still a psychology grad and nctj accredited journalist. still hopeful that caroline flack will marry me. ew i'm 23 now.

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