The 6 things you should know before you get a cat.

Celebs like Katy Perry, Nathan Sykes,Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran all have one thing in common. They’re all cat owners. The four legged fur babies are the pet of choice for many with more then 8 million kittys owned in the U.K alone. We’ve created a list of the things you should know before getting a cat that you probably haven’t been told by a vet.

  • Cats will sleep anywhere except their cat beds- It’s a known fact that cats love a good rest, they sleep up to 16 hours a day, however it is almost always in places you wouldn’t expect them to nap. From on top of your TiVo box, cupboards or basically anywhere that they can fit

(See what we mean, Millie was able to sleep in a sink)

  • Cats need to watch what they eat too- Although any kitty will gladly eat anything in front of them, it’s important to watch what they eat. Just like us, cats can’t have much salt in their diet. As much as they love having ham from the fridge ham is incredibly bad for cats and can actually make them get worms. Treats need to be limited, as cat obesity is a thing.
  • Cats only meow to communicate with humans, to mate or if they are in pain. It’s normal for most animals to have a mating call or cry in pain, but apart from this the only time cats will meow is to talk to you, whether it’s to say hello, let you know that they are hungry or even to just remind you that they are here and they need attention.
  • Old cats are as fun as kittens- Most people assume that old cats are write-offs as they don’t want to play. The truth is, no cat can resist play time. Let them have a sniff of cat-nip and any cat can and will act like a 12 week old kitten. Bear this in mind when your looking for a cat, because many animal shelters will have older cats who need a loving home and can give you as much fun!
  • If your cat is allowed outside, expect them to bring you a gift. Cats are very loving creatures, and they want to thank their owner for loving them back. The best way for them to do this in their own minds is to hunt and bring their owner dinner. From frogs to mice, birds to worms, as gross as it is, your cat is just wanting to show gratitude.
  • Cats have personalities- There’s a lot of stigma when it comes to animals, a lot of people believing the only pets who are capable of caring and having personalities are dogs. These people couldn’t be more wrong. Cats are extremely loyal, often attaching their affection to one human, they have their own unique quirks such as going slightly crazier then others, being more sleepy or even more vocal then others. Show a cat some love, and they will show you the same love in return!

We hope these lesser known facts about felines has helped you. As clique as it sounds, just remember a cat is for life so be prepared for a life time of loving!

Feel free to tweet us- @Fuzzable- photos of the fur babies in your life! We’d really love to see them.

Written by Niki

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