Shadow of The Tomb Raider: Review

Here on Fuzzable, we are beginning to dip our toes into the amazing world of gaming. We started with the outstanding work from rockstar with their latest game “Red Dead Redemption 2”, but today we are going to look at the female legend who has took the gaming world by storm with enthralling adventure and has been going strong since the nineties! We are talking about none other than Lara Croft and her latest adventure Shadow of The Tomb Raider.

What is it?

The Tomb Raider games have been around since the late nineties with the first game coming out in 1996 and since then there have been a whopping 19 different games with the games protagonist Lara Croft. Born and brought up by archaeologist parents, Lara grew up with the taste and need of  an adventure, and on many she went.

In this game, Lara and best friend Jonah, travel to the legendary city of Paititi to stop a Mayan apocalypse she accidentally unleashes while taking the legendary dagger of Chak Chel. She must race and fight the paramilitary forces known as “Trinity” to get to the box of Chak Chel in order to stop the unknown dangers.

What Makes it So Great?


The Scenery

First of all the scenery of the game is absolutely stunning, the player genuinely feels as if they are on the adventure with Lara. From the dark and dangerous caves and uncharted tombs, to the bright beautiful city of Paititi, Lara definitely has an incredible journey ahead of her. The way the most dangerous areas are designed makes a player more intrigued to go inside and explore, rather than get too frightened to endure. The city of Paititi not only has beautiful waterfalls, stunning views and countless mysteries to be solved, the citizens of the city are very well designed, you feel extremely welcomed by some, while others warn you to stay away.

The Gameplay

The gameplay itself is extremely fun and immersive, of course you have your usual climbing but what amazing adventure game wouldn’t? Combat is very intense and heart pounding and the music used in the background perfectly fits the tone as you defend yourself against a trinity soldier. While completing main missions, you can mingle with locals around different areas and perform tasks and side missions, giving the game more depth and variety, rather than just going from point A to B.

The Characters

Of course it wouldn’t be fair to go on about this amazing game unless we talk about the main woman herself, Lara Croft. Played by the incredible motion capture actor Camilla Luddington, who has been playing the role since 2013. She enraptures a realistic role of the adventurer and embodies the challenges she faces. The relationship with Jonah (played by Earl Baylon) is so moving. The players will have gotten to know the relationship, how it works throughout the previous games and we see the relationship go through many bumps in the road. Jonah is seen as the friendly giant and a loyal friend to Lara, and who although may occasionally have different thoughts and feelings to certain things than she does, he will always be by her side to help. The antagonist Dr Dominguez (played by Carlos Leal) who is supposed to strike fear and anger into players does so pretty well. Not only does he act with a vengeful plight, which struck players with anger, but he also made players fearful with what he would do with the dagger and box of Chak Chel.

Overall we thought the game was incredible! So much fun and such a beautiful designed and acted piece. We congratulate the creators on their work and the motion capture actors for such a realistic and inspiring performance. If you haven’t bought the game yet, we suggest you do and throw yourself into the incredible adventure!

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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