Calling All Barbie Girls for Sephora’s New Launch!

Are you a Barbie girl trapped in a not so Barbie world? Well, maybe Sephora can make life just that little bit more fantastic!

Girls, brush your hair, act like a star and get ready to feel the glamour in pink because they recently announced the news of their second collaboration with the world’s most famous plastic pink loving blonde bombshell, and we think it will make you wanna hit the town and scream, “Let’s go party”!

The collection consists of eight different perfectly pink-packaged products, all of which are destined to make you look rock n roll and make the guys beg on their knees saying, “I’m always yours”!

The products are as follows:

+ Sephora x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette

+ Sephora x Barbie Aloe Vera Hand Mask

+ Sephora x Barbie Hair Sleeping Mask

+ Sephora x Barbie The Primer Face Mask

+ Sephora x Barbie Volume ON! Mascara

+ Sephora x Barbie Brush Kit

+ Sephora x Barbie Kit

+ #LIPSTORIES x Barbie Lipstick

The lipsticks are available in a range of different shades and finishes, meaning there is something to suit every Barbie out there;

+ Hit The Street (Cream)

+ Kick It! (Matte)

+ Super Barbie (Matte)

+ Barbie World (Cream)

+ Beauty Battle (Cream)

+ Barbie Beats (Metallic)

+ Barbie Berries (Metallic)

+ Barbie Swag (Cream)

The range is coming very soon to the US and is already available to get your hands on in selected countries . . . SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

We think you are going to love it! With this range and a little imagination, hunny, life will be your creation!

What do you think of all of these products? Do they take you back to your childhood, or will this turn into a present obsession for you? For more content like this head on over to @Fuzzable over on Twitter, where you can also let us know all of your opinions!

Written by Amy Carr

Hey, my name's Amy!

I have an absolute passion for writing! Reviews and exclusive releases are what I do best, with a cheeky bit of celeb gossip thrown in!

I'm an avid book reader and music is my thing, I love how our imaginations can take us far away from reality with just a few words! You are most likely to find me in my natural habitat . . . at a gig! It's where I feel most at home and at my happiest!

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