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Don’t you feel like glasses have changed a lot of the years? What we see now through glasses has to be the improvement of how they have changed and developed over the years. They have to be a major part of the fashion world with the different style frames, colors, size etc.

Ray-Ban has a great variety of styles and colors, check them out on the link below

Choosing a pair of glasses nowadays isn’t as simple as it used to be ten/twenty years ago, it is very much like going to buy a pair of shoes or try on a new pair of jeans. You have so many options whether it’s the size of the frames, the colour of the frames, the lenses etc, you can customise them to your style, not everyone has the same look, style or face shape so this is very important when choosing them and making sure you go to an opticians/shops that will offer this service. Ray-Ban has a few offers on at the moment so we think it’s a great idea to check out their website, (use the link above) have a browse, pick your favorites whether it’s reading glasses or sunglasses whilst at the same time getting them for a great price.

We all have those memories of our grandparents wearing heavy-rimmed glasses, which either looked very heavy or covered a lot of their face with how big the frames were. I know the style with the thicker frames are still very much in, but I feel they do offer a more sophisticated look to your face shape nowadays, whereas back then they didn’t really have the knowledge and know how.

Also we feel a lot has changed in how people view glasses now, back in the 90’s nobody wanted to wear them as it wasn’t ‘fashionable’ it would be something people would hide and only wear if absolutely necessary, but these days we find people embracing glasses and opting for glasses more so than contact lenses due to the fact there is so many designs to choose from, glasses when you have chosen the pair for you make a statement and really do add that extra something to a persons look.

It’s a great thing to see….let’s carry on enjoying glasses and embracing them to enhance our vision even more.

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