Top 10 of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Let’s just say, we wouldn’t try any of these haunted houses. Scared is an understatement. Check out the list below as we reveal the most horrifying, gut-wrenching haunted houses in the United States.

10. The Dent Schoolhouse- Cincinnati, Ohio

For all ages

Open September 9th-November 5th

Tickets are $20

This isn’t just any old, ordinary school. This is the Dent Schoolhouse. Known for it’s janitor who stored the bodies of school children, in barrels, in the walls of school’s basement. Creepy right? Well, you can experience all the terror in the actual Dent Schoolhouse, still standing, as the scariest attraction in Cincinnati.

9. 13th Floor- Chicago, Illinois

For all ages, but the attraction does not recommend that small children attend

Open September 23rd-November 5th

Tickets are $30

Including post-apoctolyptic themes, this attraction is NO-JOKE. In most hotels, the thirteenth floor doesn’t exist, however, in Chicago, the thirteenth floor may as well be your worst nightmare. This haunted house has been recognized by MTV, USA Today, Travel Channel, Hauntworld, and America Haunts, which just proves that this is one haunted house you need to check out.

8. House Of Torment- Austin, Texas

For all ages, but small children are not recommended to attend

Open from September 23rd-November 12th

Tickets are $33

A zombie apocalypse has taken over the city of Austin, Texas. During this attraction, you will come face to face with clowns and maniacal beasts, which is everyone’s worst fear. Will you escape this haunted house virus-free and unscathed? We hope so.

7. Bates Motel and The Haunted Hayride- Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania

For ages 8+

Open from September 23rd-October 31st

Tickets are $20

This haunted hayride is sure to give you a fright! Featuring over 75 actors and 25 scenes, the Bates Motel Hayride is one of the best attractions out there as they utilize many complex pyrotechnics and jaw-dropping special effects.

6. The Hex House- Tulsa, Oklahoma

For all ages, but intended for small children

Open September 17th-October 5th

Tickets are $25

This haunted house is based on a true police investigation in 1944. To summarize the story, a woman held two other women captive in her basement, through hypnotism, for seven years. This haunted attraction uses the concepts of bondage, spell-casting, mesmerism, and hypnotism to their advantage and makes sure you are jumping out of your socks the moment you walk in the door. Hex House is the best experience for you, if you want to jump into the world of witchcraft.

5. 13th Gate- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For all ages, but small children are not recommended to attend

Open September 23rd-November 5th

Tickets are $25

This attraction turns your worst nightmares into reality. As soon as you enter, you will face a dark maze, live critters, and elaborate special effects. The realism of The 13th Gate will keep you up at night for months. Try this haunted house at your own risk.

4. Terror Behind The Walls- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For ages 7+, but ages 7-18 must have a parent or guardian with them

Open September 16th-November 5th

Tickets are $19-45

As soon as you step foot in the Eastern State Penitentiary, you have a choice. You can walk through the attraction without being touched, or you can choose to experience physical contact. In our opinion, we wouldn’t want to be poked, prodded, and taken away from our group. In some situations you are even incorporated into the show. Your only goal in the attraction, is to escape the prison.

3. Haunted Hoochie At Dead Acres- Pataskala, Ohio

For all ages (parental advisory is highly recommended for minors)

Open October 14th-29th

Tickets are $25-45

At the beginning of the attraction, a sign reads, “ATTENTION: Entering Dead Acres entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury. Risks may include among other things, slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants…This may be the best haunted house you’ve ever experienced. Have Fun.” Say no more.

2. Blackout- Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York

Ages 18+

Open all October and during exclusive off-season periods

Tickets are $45-100

In this attraction, much of your experience is spent alone and in the dark. Let’s just say, those two things don’t mix well together. This attraction features full frontal nudity, sexual situations, edibles, submersion in water, and extreme physical contact. But fear not (if that’s even possible), there is a safe word. This attraction is meant to put you in real life, scary situations, to stimulate your worst fears, rather than ghosts and goblins jumping out at you.

1. McKamey Manor- San Diego, California

For ages 21+

Open year-round

Tickets are $0 a.k.a FREE, but they do ask for a dog food donation

This is the worst of the worst. The scariest of the scary. Correction, this attraction is HORRIFYING. Only the bravest of the brave are able to conquer this 4-7 hour experience. Your experience includes, physical contact, small enclosed spaces, submersion in water, force feeding/edibles, haircuts, covered in blood, and other extreme violence. We think only the insane would try this haunted house. So, props to you if you have the guts to do this.

Which of these haunted houses would you try? Or which one would you never do? Have you been to any of these attractions? Tweet us @Fuzzable to let us know!

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