Scandal Grows Ever Intense During Final Season

The white hats have come off, and the gladiators have been thrown into turmoil. Scandal returned from its midseason break on Thursday, January 18, with an episode devastatingly titled “Robin.”

When Scandal left off in November, fans were left questioning whether the pregnant Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) was alive or dead, having only heard an off-screen gunshot. “Robin” centered on Quinn’s death, with the titular name being Quinn’s nickname. Backlash ensued on Twitter, and Shonda Rhimes, the thriller show’s creator, cited the final season and Katie Lowes’ newborn baby as the reasons for Quinn’s death.

Katie Lowes also responded, giving thanks to Shonda Rhimes and the writers that bring Scandal to life.

“Robin” explores everyone’s grieving and includes a vignette of meaningful flashbacks of Quinn as the characters saluted her with gunshots (whose bullets were filled with her cremated ashes no less).

The episode went mostly as expected until a few surprising moments toward the end. Disassembling a baby bed in Charlie (George Newbern) and Quinn’s room, Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and David (Joshua Malina) found a hidden flash drive. One can only imagine it harnesses information regarding the death of President Rashad (Faran Tahir) and his niece.

Even more intense, Charlie goes to Eli Pope (Joe Morton) to take up killing again, unaware that Eli is the individual responsible for Quinn’s death. As he is about to leave, he hears a baby’s cry and barges inside and finds a newborn baby. Quinn’s baby potentially having survived is a complete game changer, and one I don’t many were expecting. Piecing everything together, Charlie attacks Eli and the episode again ends with a cliffhanger.

The next episode, “Good People,” airing on January 25, is taking viewers “before the gunshot” to “see what happened in that basement.” The following preview shows a pregnant Quinn being held hostage by Eli, leading up to her death.

Personally, I still cannot believe Quinn is gone. Quinn’s journey is what began the show six seasons ago, and what a journey it was. I am just glad we are able to see her final moments, as I did not suspect we would.

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Written by Preston Smith

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