How to save money on your next holiday

If you want to go on holiday this year but don’t know how to afford it, then this is the article for you. Today, we’ve put together five of the best ways to save money when planning your next getaway.

1. Shop around online

The best time of the year to book a holiday is right now. The winter months are generally considered to be cheaper to book and pay for holidays, as travel companies are quieter. Shop around online, and use price comparison websites, to find the best deal on your next holiday. Remember to look for coupons and money off vouchers, too, as some travel companies even offer student discounts.

2. Don’t buy a package holiday

You may be tempted to book a package holiday, where your hotel, flights and food are included in the price – but this isn’t always the most sensible decision if you’re looking to cut costs. You can find flights to locations such as London, New York, Australia and Singapore for just a couple of hundred pounds if you look around, and accommodation can be booked through an online discounter. Be sure to work out how much it would cost to create your own ‘package holiday’ before booking.

3. Stay local

Rather than paying hundreds for an expensive hotel, consider the benefits of Airbnb or staying with locals when you’re away from home. Sure, you won’t get the same five-star luxuries as you would in a hotel complex, but staying local can actually save you money and help you get closer to the action. Plus, if you stay in dormitories or hostels, you could make new friends on your travels.

4. Take advantage of friends and family

If you’ve got friends and family living in other cities or countries, then take advantage of their hospitality and create your holiday around a visit. For example, if your friend is living in London, you could stay at their apartment and take in the sights of the London Eye and Big Ben. The best part is, you won’t need to pay for a hotel; taking them out for a meal to say thanks for having you is enough.

5. Go last-minute

Booking last-minute hotel rooms and flights can save you hundreds – and sometimes even thousands – of pounds. Keep your eyes peeled and, when the time comes, see what’s available. Keeping an open mind and being flexible with your dates of travel can help you score a bargain.

The tips that we have offered in this article should help you get more for your money and travel to new destinations – all without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a week on the beach or you’re ready for an adventure, we hope that you have fun on your trip. We’re totally not jealous.

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