Romeo Lacoste Tattoos The Vamps

Ariana and Justin Biebers tattoo artist inks half of our favourite band

Romeo Lacoste has the longest list of celebrity clients. He has tattooed everyone from Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Jake Paul, Kian and Jaysee, Soulja Boy, The 1975, Alexsis Ren and the Dolan Twins to name a very few. He’s known as the ‘line god’ and the best at small but detailed tattoo’s. His studio The California Dream is one of LA’s hottest spots- so it’s no wonder Conor Ball and James McVey from British band The Vamps stopped into the studio whilst on their American radio promo tour.

James chose to have a permanent nod to the band’s 2017 chart-topping double album title ‘Night and Day’ etched on his forearm, whilst Conor chose a forearm piece too – a detailed tattoo of the Michelangelo’s 1508 painting ‘The Creation of Adam’. Interestingly and amazingly Romeo Lacoste tattooed Conor’s tattoo with a single needle – proving just why he is named the ‘Line God’.


Last night (27th August) Romeo uploaded a video to his own YouTube channel showing the whole process of The Vamps’ tattoos. Shaving the arms and all.

It’s truly mesmerizing to watch Romeo’s craft come to life on the arms of two of our favorite stars. Conor and James were clearly impressed with their latest additions, as they’ve not only vowed to visit The California Dream the next time they are in L.A but Conor also commented on Romeo’s Instagram photo that they need to play ‘Fortnite’ together soon. We’re loving this Bromance.

If you ever find yourself in LA and needing your own tattoo done by the artist to the stars, there’s great news. The California Dream take both walk-in’s and set appointments with Romeo himself. Check their website out here.

We’ve created a guide on ‘Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo’ and ‘Everything you need to know after getting a tattoo’, so make sure you check them out.

Follow Romeo on Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube page here for more celeb inkings. You can also follow us on Instagram whilst you’re there.




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