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Rochelle Humes teams up with Little Box of Books to diversify school bookshelves

Rochelle Humes has teamed up with Little Box of Books for a new crowdfunding campaign which aims to diversify bookshelves and libraries in primary schools across the UK.

The ‘Change The Story’ campaign aims to raise £55,000 which will go towards sending 10,000 diverse and inclusive storybooks to primary schools in the UK. In light of the current Black Lives Matter movement, this campaign is so important as it aims to encourage children from all walks of life to understand and celebrate diversity.

Furthermore, the campaign will offer books which children will be able to relate to, regardless of the colour of their skin, their gender or their background. Despite the fact that 33% of our schoolchildren are of Black, Asian or minority ethnic origins, according to research only 4% of children’s books published in 2018 had a main character of BAME origins.

In the campaign video, Rochelle talks about how, in many ways, she wasn’t represented in books when she was little. Even after becoming a mum many years later, she felt her children still weren’t well represented in books, which inspired her to write her very own book called ‘The Mega Magic Hair Swap’.

The ‘Change The Story’ campaign strives to normalise people’s differences, as inclusive books can inspire confidence, excitement and a sense that any child can achieve their potential. It also aims to encourage reading, which also helps with a child’s development in many other subjects.

The campaign has already raised of £10,000, and Little Box of Books has shared how the money raised will be spent. For example, £50 will fund an inclusive bookshelf in a school whilst £100 provides a classroom with a collection of inclusive books. There are also a number of crowdfunding rewards available for those who choose to donate specific amounts.

You can donate or check out the campaign progress here.

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