RM’s answer to a fan’s question on destiny is your perfect motivation for Monday

Monday has always been the perfect day for invigorating posts, regretful weekends memes, and some free wisdom that we get off our social networking platforms. But considering that this day starts off our new week, brings us the opportunity to create or complete new goals, and makes us look forward to satisfying weekends, it’s always healthy to have some positive vibes for ourselves and others in need.

Namjoon aka RM, the leader of the South Korean group BTS and a mind-blowing rapper, has been a source of inspiration for a lot of his fans. His words and work are not just pleasing to the ears but also incredibly thoughtful. Always ready to share his deepest thoughts and musings with his fans, RM has created a space where his mindfulness has become a source of comfort for many.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment, in collaboration with BenX launched Weverse, an engagement platform that facilitates conversation between artists and their fans. As of now, BTS and TXT have been made part of the platform but soon, we can expect other artists to join. Since its launch, several fans have been able to directly connect with BTS members, as the latter responds to questions, memes, or an artwork shared by fans. During the initial weeks of its launch, a fan invited BTS and ARMYs (BTS’ fans) to share their thoughts on “destiny”. Please find the screenshot for the question below:

This fan shared their experience of the Rose Bowl stadium performance but at the same time, questioned other fellow-fans and BTS if the consequence of their becoming an ARMY was a result of destiny. Applying this musing to any other scenario, they wanted people to share their opinions on destiny and if it’s really a pre-written phenomenon. Sharing their responses, a lot of fans shared how they were “for” or “against” the argument of destiny being pre-written and joining the trail was Namjoon who with his one-liner left a thoughtful response:

The question of something being pre-written directly contradicts or creates a conflict with the idea of free will. But at the same time, we cannot deny that how we act today becomes the source of the person we turn into, tomorrow or in the distant future.

The world tries to teach us several ways of outsmarting the competition, achieving our goals, or do something big but at the end of the day, those teachings and techniques can only come to fruition if we act upon them. We don’t just decide who we turn ourselves into, what we do but we also decide how we do it.

RM’s response is not an egoistic proclamation that confirms his control over life. Instead, it shows his awareness that whatever he is today is the result of his own doing, the actions he is consciously and unconsciously taking.

But this is not the first time for the rapper to assert his position about destiny and fate. In one of his earlier interviews (2015), when RM shared his thoughts over his first mixtape, the rapper talked about his constant struggle and attempt to learn about himself and embrace all the sides he inhabits as a person. During his interview, he said:

“Only thing that picks my own fate is my own self”

BTS and their journey offer a perfect example. Considered underdogs, for many, the group was destined to fail but their conscious efforts to follow their passion, make themselves better as artists and to convey what they wanted to share with the world has led them to a position where both fans and artists looks up to them, both because of the journey they undertook and the messages they have been spreading.

So, if next week comes with seven new days, you have almost 168 hours to achieve or to at least reach a step closer to your destination. It’s up to how we plan to utilize it. Even if that goal is to just know yourself better, love yourself more, or take steady steps towards your destination, this new Monday brings a perfect opportunity to take that important step.

Fate and destiny are subjective concepts and one’s understanding of them is a result of a lot of external and internal factors. But we do hope that as you embark towards a new week, you remember that we are always rooting for you. So, get up and give what it takes to achieve what you want!

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Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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