Rihanna announces the launch of “Fenty Skin” and a footwear line “Release 7-20”

Since its launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty has gained critical acclaim and a positive response from the consumers. Deemed as one of the best inventions of 2017, the brand creates differentiation from the existing players in the market through an inclusive product line. While we are still grappling with the massive impact Fenty Beauty has made, Rihanna has announced the launch of Fenty Skin.


The skincare collection will be available on the website fentyskin.com on July 31st but you can sign up for early access which will be available on July 29th. Rihanna took on her Instagram to release a video announcing the launch where she can be seen applying the possible new products in the collection.

Fenty Beauty won hearts by catering to skin tones that were earlier not included by beauty brands in their product line. Not only did it become a point of differentiation but also a new benchmark for the existing and the upcoming brands. So, can we expect the same impact from Fenty Skin?

This new collection will also have dedicated social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Follow them now for more updates.

But the skincare collection launch is not the only news we have for you!


Recently, Fenty has been focusing on the release of their shoe line for which Rihanna has collaborated with Amina Muaddi. The footwear line is titled Release 7-20 and is defined as a ‘limited edition of bold styles and colors’.


The collection consists of four types of footwear: Code Word Sandals, Caged In Sandals, Meshy Mules, and Braid Me Up Sandals. Positing strength as the core trait of the collection, the website states:

“Strength is interpreted literally in the new heel. Holding up all four designs, the head of the nail forms the base of the heel, while the point appears hammered into the sole.”

In terms of colors and types, The Caged In Sandals comes in two colors, Candy Pink and Coco White, Braid Me Up Sandals comes in Brown Sugar color with a matching rubberized heel, Code Word Sandals comes in two varieties, Acid Green color with a raw metallic heel and Coco White with a rubberized heel, and Meshy Mules comes in Jet Black and Nude color with rubberized heels.


This new addition to the brand saw its release on Fenty’s website on July 15th.

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