Revolution Explained.

Over the past month, our favourite drugstore company have seen some massive changes. From brand names being changed and a new brand added. After being asked about these changes a few times, we thought we’d give you a run down of all brands owned by Revolution Beauty, and update you on any changes that have happened.

Revolution – Formally Makeup Revolution.

This is the firm staple under the umbrella of Revolution Beauty. It was formally known as Makeup Revolution but now just Revolution. The brand is made up of every day essentials to many (including the concealer that’s broken the beauty world).This brand is made up of holy grail products. The changes aside from the brands name is simply expansion. If you thought 18 shades of concealer and stick foundation was incredible, then you’ll be shocked to hear that there’s now 25. They’ve also added a lot of new products that help us get looking our best fast with the high quality and low prices.

I Heart Revolution – Formally I Heart Makeup.

I Heart is the brand that beauty bloggers and vloggers have gone crazy for. The brand is built on trends and magic. From eye pallets that have been inspired by high end cult classics to highlighters that are made to shine bright. I Heart is made to enable us to have fun and express ourselves though products that won’t break the bank. You’ll find everything you need to create looks as individual and beautiful as you.

Obsession Makeup

Obsession is kind of a mix of everything. You have your statement pieces like Rev, the fun of I Heart  and the customising ability Rev Pro offers. All this and the same pricing  our purses adore, quality that’s out of the world. Don’t be fooled though, everything from Obsession is unique. Unlike the other brands, you can purchase from Boots. (Which is perfect for those of you who don’t have a Superdrug close by).

Revolution Pro.

The most exciting part of the recent changes to Revolution Beauty is the introduction of Revolution Pro.  In a nutshell its a whole brand dedicated to professional quality products but at the price that is still less then most drugstore products. We tested out a £7 foundation from Rev Pro, and the quality, pigmentation and lasting power was very similar to one we’d tried that was 5 times the price. Even our day to day foundation which only comes in 8 shades compared to Rev Pro’s 18 doesn’t perform as well or cover as much as this and our usual foundation is double the cost. Not only does the brand offer all this, but they also have made things a lot more personal for you. The foundation mixers and create your own pallets mean that you now have the power to make your makeup personal but for a lot less!

All these changes may of happened, but the brands ethics are still the same. Bringing the power for us to be creative, express ourselves and be confident but for less. Their products are all cruelty free and a very large portion of them are vegan too.

Shop all the brands now at Revolution Beauty’s website.Or shop Revolution, I Heart Revolution and Revolution Pro in Superdrug stores, and Obsession in Boots stores.

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Written by Niki

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