Revolution Brow Tint- Brows Slay Or Brows Nay.

Everybody knows Fuzzable’s makeup bags are full of Revolution products.From highlight to concealer and almost every eye shadow pallet brought out by the brand we’re obsessed. So when we heard that they’d just launched their 3 day brow tint, we knew we had to test it out.

I usually get my brows tinted at a local salon, it costs £25 and lasts for 2-3 weeks. I don’t do it religiously, mainly if I have a special occasion coming up soon, or I need a little me time. I’ve found this is the best way for me (so far) to get a look I’m happy with and can have my brows looking fresh for the upcoming events. The downsides to this are 1) cost- If I was religiously going to get this treatment it would amount to over £300 a year, 2) Time- In all it takes around 4 hours with travel and tint time. With responsibilities such as work and Fuzzable this is a huge portion of time, and there’s no such thing as a late night brow expert 3) The time between brow days- After a few days since brow treatments my tint fades, that’s fine for me, but I can’t put any more product on for 2 more weeks, so they go patchy 4) Lack of control- Although I trust the brow artist I visit, the lack of brow power I am left with is annoying, wanting to try a new style is frowned upon.

The Revolution brow tint claims to; last 3 days and fade naturally, only take 2 hours to build maximum brow power and be simple to use. It costs just £5 from either Revolution Beauty or Superdrug. Me and my sister tried the brow tint out- I used the shade medium brown and I am a makeup junkie, she also used the same shade but up until a month ago she’d never even used a brow product in her life.

(My browsformation)


The product comes with a brush that at first glance is intimidating. It’s a little thicker then usual eyebrow brushes, so I found out an old (but clean) eyeliner brush. I used the eye liner brush to map out the shape I wished to create, and then tried the brush that comes with the product and found that as soon as my brows were mapped out it was so easy to use, The weight of the brush is brilliant, it helped me have maximum control. I’d seen SophDoesNails’ tutorial using the product so applied thickly, and then waited two hours.

My sister is a brow virgin, and she followed my steps herself and found the exact same, It was very simple for her to use and once she found a shape she liked she was fine. She did make a couple of small mistakes, but she used micellar water and a cotton bud whilst the product was still wet and was able to clean away perfectly.

Wait time.

One of my biggest issues with going to a salon was the time it took. Being able to achieve my desired look from home was perfect. I was able to do everything I would do from home as normal. When the gas man came to do a boiler check he did seem a little shocked as the gel is darker whilst developing but it’s all a part of process. Obviously my sister too felt the benefits of being able to have her brows done at home, she had a mini Netflix binge.

Peel and reveal. 

The most exciting and fun part of this whole process was being able to peel the product. The worry I had was that like when using a peel off face mask and it gets in your brows it HURTS when peeling, but no, the Revolution product peels off super easily and no pain at all. After my brows felt soft and looked exactly how I wanted them. The tiny bit of brow where I was missing a few hairs had been filled, and the over all effect was as great as a fresh salon day. When my sister peeled her brow gel off she was amazed at how she looked. She loved the natural cool tone it left and was impressed with how easy the whole thing was.

Stay time.

So, I got 3 days brow time, I wash my face morning, just before makeup application and at night. The first wash after brow dye time I found a little fading, but actually it looked brilliant and natural. My brows were boldest during the first 24 hours. The second day was my favourite brow day possibly ever. It had faded slightly but all over and I was able to just tame them with my usual brow gel but still feel they looked ‘on fleek’. The last brow day they’d faded again, but still left a tint of colour. I just needed a small amount of brow powder to top up the look, but I was impressed with how the product had faded together and not patchy unlike the salon.

My sisters brows lasted 4-5 days as her skin care regime isn’t as intense as mine. She preferred days 2 and 3 brows, where they’d faded slightly but remained in shape. She uploaded a million snap chat selfies in this time, so it certainly had her approval.

(My sisters browsformation)

Are our brow issues fixed?

Our 3 main concerns where 1) Time 2) Money and 3) lack of control.  The time this took, and the ability to carry on with our day to day life at home was game changing. The pricing of the product is phenomenal, £5 and the product has enough for about 30 sets of brows, we are well and truly baffled by Revolutions ability to produce high quality products for so little. As for control, this product is perfect for any brows, any style, the control we were lacking from the salon was put back in our hands.

Final thoughts. 

Although at first this product looked a little scary, it was in fact super easy to use. It’s defiantly a firm staple from now and we can’t get enough of it! All our brow issues have vanished thanks to Revolution.

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Written by Niki

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