Review: Night Owls and Summer Skies by Rebecca Sullivan, the perfect summer read

Night Owls and Summer Skies by Rebecca Sullivan is a great summer camp romance that features two very likeable and strong female protagonists and has been published via Penguin UK/ Wattpad Books .

When her mother unceremoniously dumps her at Camp Mapplewood for the summer, Emma Lane’s hopes of repairing their fractured relationship are gone with the wind. Now she’s stuck in the wilderness facing her worst fears. Trees? Terrifying. Spiders? Even worse. And don’t even get Emma started on how she feels about camp activities. But Emma’s got a plan, and she will do anything in her power to get kicked out of camp, from sleeping into playing practical jokes on her fellow campers. Yet when Emma draws the attention of her elusive and attractive camp counsellor Vivian Black, she has to come to terms with the fact that how her summer starts isn’t necessarily how it might end. Will Vivian be the key to unlocking Emma’s fears once and for all?

The story deals with two main characters relationship so naturally. Emma’s family problems are extremely relatable and something many of us will experience as we grow and move forward with our lives. It’s quite an angsty read but that it’s also filled with love and passion, with characters that are extremely secure in their sexuality and who know who they are, which for a YA novel is really refreshing to see.

Night owls and Summer Skies is a very welcome addition to the YA world, it’s a cute and fluffy F/F novel which holds wide appeal, and has one of the cutest covers we have seen in a while.  Rebecca Sullivan began writing this book on Wattpad and has now been published, not only is the book a lovely read but Rebecca’s own story of how she became a published author also shows that dreams do come true and writing on sites like Wattpad are not only great fun but can lead to far more.

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