Review: Lush- Tangled Hair Spa Treatment

New to Lush’s list of treatments is their Tangled Hair Spa treatment which was launched on Friday. It is a revitalising Japanese-inspired scalp experience and one that we think will prove popular. The affordable treatment costs just £40 and lasts for 25 minutes. Although, the hair treatment isn’t the only thing new to Lush, they also have heaps of new products!

I visited Lush spa in Liverpool to try out the treatment for myself and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I was greeted by Emily, one of the therapists who talked me through the treatment and gave me some more information. She was amazing from start to finish. From the moment I entered the treatment room, the smell of stimulating mint scents hit me straight away.

I was directed to get myself comfortable and take off my shoes (and anything else that I wanted to remove by choice) Emily left the room whilst I got more comfortable, and I was told to ring the bell as soon as I was ready – I certainly felt demanding and like a queen!

The music in the room was incredibly soothing, with a bamboo flute being able to be heard throughout the treatment. Lush pride themselves with the music they play in their spa’s and this was created by their very own creative music director, something that I was told about before the treatment.

The tangled hair spa treatment transported me to anther universe, Emily released all the tension from the scalp sending me into a further state of relaxation. The pressure points were all hit one by one, perfectly as the deep massage continued and the tension escaped from my body instantly. A variety of firm techniques were used, each and every one of them techniques were embraced. The massage was so calming that I easily could have fallen asleep. Arguably, the best part of the treatment was towards the end when the cold stones were introduced, this was such a refreshing feeling.

My shoulders, scalp, face, and ears were all treated to this total relaxation and this was completely welcomed to end my busy working day.

I left the spa feeling energised and revitalized, almost as if I had woken from a power nap, my mind was left clear, and all the stresses of the day had vanished whilst the treatment took place.

I certainly recommend this Tangled Hair Spa  treatment, especially as a way of ending your day. You will not be disappointed, and I can guarantee that you will be left emotionally and physically refreshed and energised. Lush treatment vouchers are available (with no expiry date) and can be purchased in Lush shops nationwide and online at the Lush website. You can get this treatment on its own, or you can enjoy it alongside one of the spa’s other treatments.

Written by Liv Malone

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