We review: Brush Works X Luxx Oval Brushes.

Here at Fuzzable Beauty HQ, we’ve tried so many makeup applications. From silicone sponge to battery powered brushes that blend it all for you, it’s been a little bit crazy to work out exactly which brushes work best to give you a flawless base. A recent release that really caught our eye was the launch of the Brush Works X Luxx oval brush collection.

The reason these brushes caught our eye is because they claim; ‘Achieve a flawless, high definition finish with the X-LUXX #8 Large Oval Brush from brushworks. Featuring a dense brush head fitted with ultra-soft bristles, the innovative tool is ideal for sweeping foundations, powders and bronzers across large areas of the face. Can be used with liquid and powder products. Cruelty free. Vegan friendly.’ The brushes are super affordable as well- with prices for the collection starting at £7.49.

For foundation and body products, our usual brushes are either the Spectrum Little Mermaid oval large brush or the LGFB beauty sponge. Both of which are brilliant, blend everything seamlessly. Our only issue so far with these two methods have been that nothing else lives up to them, the sponge isn’t the easiest for travelling as it blends better when wet so when on a train or in a car we can’t use it, and the Spectrum brushes are almost too beautiful to use, they are more of a decorative piece. Both are brilliant for foundation, but in these summer months they’ve not been ideal for body products. We’ve been needing a brush that is affordable and easier to travel with, with top results and can be used on face and body too.

The initial feel of the packaging of the brush was luxury, The packaging is a plastic carton, however the blue and silver design and print and detailing initially gives the bush an expensive look, so expectations are already set high. The packaging also contains simple but clear instructions on how to use the brush. The brush itself is large and at first feel very dense. The design is sleek but sturdy, you can feel that unlike brushes that are similar in style and price point this brush actually is made to last not just for a short life span. The handle of the brush is coated in a grip, adding to that user friendly appeal. First impressions are great. If this brush performs as well as it looks it may be the answer to every prayer we have.

We first applied our foundation with the brush by daubing our usual amount used with our other methods directly on our face, and began to blend in circular motions. The brush felt soft and you could feel the blending happening. This wasn’t in a harsh motion, just simply like getting a facial from an angel. The only thing was that less product then we’re used to went into the brush hairs, so there was a thicker layer and a little more coverage than usual – in the long run this brush could save us money on products.

The blending was insane. Our face was streak free and airbrushed so fast it was unreal.

(Streak free application made us feel like a princess)

The next big test was blending in our body shimmer oil. If we could do this without getting our hands soaked then we’d be over the moon.

We applied in the same method as our foundation, and found that again, everything blends and melts into our skin seamlessly. Hard to reach areas like our legs and upper back were actually no issue at all. The brush made it like an extension of our hands and arms, but gave us full control still. Everything was blended to the heavens within moments.

Pro’s of the Brush Works X Luxx Oval Brushes – 

  • The low price.
  • Top quality materials used
  • Vegan
  • Bristles are densely packed, allowing for flawless blending and minimal product consumption
  • Sturdy design
  • Travel friendly



  • You may be reported to the brush police for neglecting your other brushes after getting your paws on the Brush Works X Luxx collection.



Final thoughts. 

Everything we needed in a brush was found here. Our problems are a thing of the past. Everything but the price is the ultimate in luxury In a world of makeup applicators getting silly Brush Works once again get to the heart of what is really needed to make our makeup game as strong as it can be.

The whole range of X Luxx brushes are available to purchase now from Feel Unique where there is an amazing 20% off at present.

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Written by Niki

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