We review; Ariana Lashes in the style Jennifer

Eye lashes are like the picture frames of an art masterpiece. They can either totally make the picture too much and end up with the artwork looking tacky, or compliment it perfectly adding the perect finishing touch. When Ariana lashes asked us if we would like to try a pair of their lashes, we agreed because we’d been searching for the perfect picture frame.

In our lash wearing time, we’d tried everything, from the YouTube famous Red Cherry lashes, to ebay multipacks. We’d settled on near perfection with the Lily Lashes in the style Miami. The only issue with the Lily Lashes we’d found is after a few wears and cleans, they lost some of the perfect flick.

Ariana Lashes are an American based company who specialise in producing the highest quality eye lashes. They create styles based on the biggest hollywood lash trends and exentuating short or thin lashes.

The lashes arrived in 2 days, delivery from America to Enlgand, and came beautifully presented. The eye lashes come in a reuasable clear plastic container, with the product information and logo on front, and are displayed infront of a beautiful glitter backing. The container is perfect to store the lashes in after use as it seals fully so no germs can get in.

The lashes themselves are full, whispy and volumonus. The band is thin, but strudy, giving maximum comfort and structure throughout a long days wear.The lashes are a little longer then my eyes need, which is perfect. A small trim made the lashes perfect.

I applied them with my trusty duo glue, and applied them as I usually do. They stuck perfectly first time and immeadietly transformed my soft every day eye makeup, into a perfect sultry look.

The lashes compliment my eyes perfectly, with the flares flicking out at the outter corner but not too far. My eyes are framed beautifully. I’m obsessed.

My eyes weren’t weighed down throughout the day, and were super comfortable to wear. Ariana Lashes claim that all lashes are reusable for between 20 and 25 uses, and cleaning them after the first wear was very simple. Micellar water on a cotton bud, and they are ready for their next wear. They completed my makeup look perfectly. I’m hooked.

Over all, these are game changing eye lashes. For the price (around £15) for 20-25 wears is a steal. The company have ncredible customer service, and loads of different but equally beautiful styles.

You can shop the Jennifer lashes here.You won’t regret it.

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Written by Niki

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