Retro Replay Announces: LEVEL 2

Here at Fuzzable, we have been diving into the crazy world of gaming and have discovered some incredible talent along the way. Two of the biggest names in gaming is the outstanding Nolan North & Troy Baker, not only are they extremely phenomenal and professional in their performance, but they have a funny and care free side that they show off very well in their hilarious YouTube series “Retro Replay”.

We recently discussed their series in an earlier article but after seeing the guys at various cons and throughout their series, it would only be fair to keep up to date with their web series and share the exciting news that they have moved on to level 2 of their Retro gaming action. But for all those who are new to this, in a nutshell, Retro Replay is about Nolan and Troy (two of the biggest voice actors in modern gaming) hang out and play some games of the 80s and 90s whether it being on the mega drive or the SNES, it will be played with with hysterical commentary. Over the first “level” of the series the guys have played some interesting (to say the least) games such as “Amazing Spider-Man”, “Michael Jackson’s: Moonwalker” and “Altered Beasts”.

It was announced on Retro Replays’s channel on Wednesday that Level 2’s first episode will come out on Valentines Day at 4pm (PST) not only that, but there is new merch coming to their website and the opportunity for “Replayers” to have access to a YouTube membership to their channel, where they will receive: discounts to merchandise, custom fan made emojis, access to behind the scenes videos and community videos, polls etc! But ONLY for the true Replayers!

We are so excited to see what’s to come of the channel and what the lads will play next!




Retro Replay

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Troy Baker

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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