Tech101: Meet reMarkable – The Latest Innovated Paper Tablet

In a world where almost every single aspect of our work lives is now digitized by the advancements made in technology, there’s still one thing that never changes – a whole TON of paperwork. Although some prefer to stick to the classic duo, pen and paper, most documentation today are made through smart devices such as tablets and laptops. Lucky for those who use the latest innovations in technology, they can easily finish the job in no time, but for the so-called “Paper People”, they still go through piles of papers messily laid out on their work desks.

Now, there’s a new innovation for the paper people out there. Introducing the reMarkable Paper Tablet.

The reMarkable Paper Tablet


The story behind developing this genius innovation started when Magnus Wanberg, founder and CEO of reMarkable, thought about why people were still inclined to use paper in the midst of working and living in a world full of digital devices.

“When our pockets and bags are bulging with laptops, tablets and smartphones – we still do this. What is it about paper? Paper, he realised, is the ultimate tool for thinking. It improves our focus, engages our brains and sets our minds free to work and imagine, without restrictions or distractions.” – Magnus Wanberg, CEO and founder of reMarkable.

Now, there are downsides when using paper. People tend to suffer from dealing with a messy workplace overflowing with printouts and notebooks. It is also quite inconvenient to carry around a stack of notebooks filled with references and notes that are yet to be typed and printed. And so, the Norwegian company set out to develop yet, one of the most innovative technologies introduced to the world today.

The reMarkable Paper Tablet offers a paper-like experience with the convenience of connectivity and a limitless space for creativity.

The tablet features a 10.3″ monochrome digital paper display powered by E-ink Carta technology with no glass parts that makes it virtually unbreakable. It has an 8GB internal storage fit to support 100,000 pages of work and runs with the Codex operating system optimized for low-latency e-paper. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity for live sync across different devices and printing.

Of course, this tablet also includes a unique pen called the Marker. Unlike the usual tablet pens out in the market, this pen has a special high friction tip with tilt detection and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity that makes it feel as if you are still writing with a normal pen on paper. Its precision lets you keep your handwriting and sketch freely down to the tiniest details.

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The reMarkable paper tablet is now available to purchase through the company’s website and retails for USD$599, though the product is not yet available to be shipped worldwide.

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