Redesigning Your Kitchen Soon? These Are the Year’s Hottest Trends

We at Fuzzable have previously discussed transforming one’s home, and today we’re back to expand on that and specifically discuss redesigning one’s kitchen. There are countless ways to change one’s kitchen—from painting to purchasing new appliances, for example—but today we’re going to examine 2019’s hottest kitchen trends so far to aid in our search.

Our list of trends come courtesy of The Most Chic, who have compiled the trends and discussed the benefits of each. The entire guide can be found here.

The article discusses a myriad of options, but we have a few favorites. We’re suckers for anything marble, so the marble trend is directly up our alley. Furthermore, we love the idea of black accents in the kitchen (easier to hide stains if you ask us!) and open shelving. The very idea of open shelving is on trend right now in the design world and we love the way it looks, especially if it is kept organized.

Kitchen marbling

Though these are a few of our favorite trends, the article mentions many others, including brass and simply the color blue. The article also goes on to offer design styles that go against trends to create a sense of uniqueness in the kitchen.

Here, we get some offbeat options such as banquette seating and ’70s terrazzo that are charming in their own ways. There is also something new-age following these trends: smart appliances. Television commericals advertising smart refrigerators appears to be only the beginning in what will begin a completely revolutionized kitchen in the future. We, for one, are skeptically intrigued to see just what the revolutionize kitchen will look like!

No matter what you pick when redesigning your kitchen, we at Fuzzable support you. We hope this guide is helpful in choosing the right style for you.

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Written by Preston Smith

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