How To Recover From A Book Breakup!

Have you ever been in the book breakup situation where you’re reading an amazing book and you’re so attached to it, then you come to the last page, turn it over and suddenly, you haven’t a clue what to do with yourself! It’s all over there and then…

It leaves you feeling kinda lost, doesn’t it? All of us here at Fuzzable know the feeling all too well, but fear no more, we have devised a fool proof recovery plan to get you through it… you’re welcome!

Stage One: The Hyperventilation Station

You are probably already awkwardly staring at the book, are we right? Maybe you’ve even been doing so for the past ten minutes. That’s perfectly okay; say your goodbyes and get it out your system! Stroke the front cover, sniff the pages, maybe even cry on a few and hug the book hard vowing to never love another book as much as that one. Then it’s time to be brave and cut the cord, add the book to your book shelf and walk away, MAKE SURE YOU WALK AWAY! It’s time to move on; you can do this!

Stage Two: Reminisce In Bliss

Climb into your bed all snug with a cuppa in your hand, now reminisce in all the good times you and the book had. Sunny days laying on the beach, keeping you company on the train and being by your side on cold wintery nights. Remember your favourite book at its best. If there is a film version, put your feet up, eat some snacks and watch your favourite novel come to life!

Stage Three: The Rebound Read

You need love, you need something you can depend on, a trusty play safe to fill the gap you now have. We all have a go to book that we read when we are sad and want to be cheered up – now is its time to shine! Dig out that long lost favourite and begin the healing process.

Stage Four: The Strong Independant Human

This is the part where you realise you can actually live without that book, life still goes on! You may even take a break from reading all together for a while. You’re a strong independent human and you don’t need no book pulling you down.

Stage Five: The Cougar Calling

Our work here is done; your healing process is complete! It’s the start of something new, you’ve replaced your old book with a new younger model.You’re happy and ready to get back out into the big wide world, with your new book by your side.

Failure Stage: Deprivation Agitation

If the urge is just to strong and you just can’t stay away from it, then how about re-read the novel? You can always get over it another time right?

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Written by Amy Carr

Hey, my name's Amy!

I have an absolute passion for writing! Reviews and exclusive releases are what I do best, with a cheeky bit of celeb gossip thrown in!

I'm an avid book reader and music is my thing, I love how our imaginations can take us far away from reality with just a few words! You are most likely to find me in my natural habitat . . . at a gig! It's where I feel most at home and at my happiest!

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