Reasons why Cambridge is a top destination for students

Cambridge University is currently the top university in the UK and is ranked 5th in the world, behind the likes of MIT, Stanford, and Harvard in the USA.

While Cambridge being home to a world-class University is certainly a major draw for students all across the globe, Cambridge itself has many things that make it a top destination for students.

Cambridge has everything you could need

Cambridge has everything you could possibly need. It has all the high street stores you’d expect from Topshop to John Lewis all of which are conveniently in the city center either in the Lion Yard or the Grand Arcade.

There are shops for every budget including Guilo Fashion which is the go-to for all your designer needs. Numerous independent boutiques can be found in the city center as well. The city also has many notable charity shops which stock a wide variety of items to suit every budget. We personally have found some great bargains in them, including a Burberry coat and a Roberto Cavalli skirt.

There are restaurants to suit every taste and budget, as well as bars, clubs and a thriving theatre scene. Some must-try places are Gardenias, Novi, Coto, Cote Brasserie and Bread and Meat.

London is only a short journey away

London is only a short train ride away. You can be in London in under one hour (depending the route you choose to take as there are 2.) Trains to and from London run really regularly too.

The surroundings are stunning

No words could do it justice, so all we’ll say us take a look at the photos below and see for yourself! We have a mix of color and black and white so you can see just how photogenic Cambridge is.

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