Reasons to Book a Cruise for Your Next Corporate Meeting

Meeting spots can get really dull really quickly. Too often, companies throw away an opportunity to really make an impact on their business in favour of convenient, same-same function venues or even just cafes. Sometimes the city can become slightly uninspiring, with a finite number of spots, function rooms and restaurants in and around the CBD, booking a big meeting or event can become a bit of head-scratcher. So, why not take to the seas! The harbour is glistening, glorious and completely engaging, and a cruise is absolutely the best way for you to experience! Here are the very best reasons to host your next meeting out on the water…

Get everything you need, all in one place

Let’s push aside the promise of striking scenery and enjoyable experiences for the moment and look at the practicality of hosting your meeting on a ferry. Because it is going to be a contained space, you’ll find that you will be able to secure everything you need for your event or occasion right there in the one place. You can find providers that will stock your meeting with coffees, teas, food, cold drinks, entertainment, lights, stationery and anything else you might need! This completely blows other venue options out the water; you won’t need to shop for anything! Just tuck your notebook under your best suit and get ready to talk some serious business. You can organise for a tailored package to streamline your meeting and have exactly what you need, without any clutter.

Inspire your staff and clients with a stunning meeting spot

Now back to that scenery, floating out on the Sydney harbour really can’t be beaten by any skyline view. You’ll literally get to experience the amazing elements that this beautiful city has to offer, and your clients will really appreciate it just as much as you will. A ferry showcases multiple locations, lets you enjoy the weather and flaunts all areas of the harbour.

Cruises are cost-effective

Because a cruise venue allows you to have everything in the one place, the experience actually becomes incredibly cost-effective. You’ll save on sourcing, catering, staff and entertainment. This all in one package will also be customisable, preventing you from wasting money or spending unnecessarily on things that you don’t actually need. A cruise is also a great way to celebrate your Christmas company party or to host a training day. This is literally the perfect way to stun a crowd whilst working within your budget.

You can host a lot of people

A ferry can hold a lot of people! For big-time meetings and corporate events, you should expect to have a few bodies on board. So a cruise is great, hosting as many people as you need in a budget-friendly and easy way!

Create an impression that will last a lifetime!

A meeting out on the water will be remembered forever! Whether you’re engaging with ongoing work or you’re trying to pitch new business, this scene will really capture the attention of your guests. Stand out from the crowd with a setting that will create a lasting impression and build a general positive association with your company. This experience is totally unique and will most definitely be the event of your company’s or client’s month so get ready to enjoy yourself whilst you grow and reinforce your brand identity and potentially increase your profitability.

What are you waiting for? Check out corporate cruises on Sydney harbour to book the perfect meeting or corporate event venue! 

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