5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Fairy Tales

Nowadays, fairy tales are often thought of as merely being meant for children. Perhaps this is because of their whimsical storytelling, or maybe it’s because of their stark difference from the “real” world; regardless, we are here today to disprove this absurd notion and subsequently offer reasons for why believe the opposite – that adults, too, should indulge in fairy tales.

5. They teach history

One interesting tidbit regarding fairy tales is their unique perspective on history. Now, we’re not saying get all of your history lessons from stories, but they do intrinsically possess some sort of presentation of the time periods in which they’re written – and we think that’s pretty cool!

4. They’re Relatable

The fairy tale as a caricature is unique in that it offers relatable characters and scenarios in ways that may seem outlandish, and yet you still find yourself within them. Though your circumstances may not be the same (you’re probably not a mermaid or a fairy, but if you are that’s even better), you may be experiencing similar situations – and that makes these stories all the more relatable and interesting.

3. They teach valuable lessons

Often as adults we come under the mindset that we are done learning. However, this is incredibly false, and fairy tales, like all other forms of art and literature, inherently possess lessons and information that are powerful and raw.

2. They offer an escape

While you can learn from these tales, you can also escape into their whimsy. Whether you’re encountering talking animals or creatures unique to these special universes, you are guaranteed a break from the “real” world that will be beneficial to your happiness and to your longevity (2019 is the year for self care, after all).

1. They’re just fun

Overall, simply put, they’re just fun. All of their other benefits aside, as literature (and, yes, they are literature), they are fascinating reads and worth spending your time on.

If we’ve at all convinced you to start reading more fantastical stories, you may be wondering what you should read. Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen collections are excellent places to start. You can also find stories specific to your part of the word, which makes matters even more fun and interesting!

Outside of written literature, fairy tales also proliferate on our screens via film and television. Disney has their own classic twists on tales with their animated and live action films, and series such as ABC’s Once Upon a Time offer modern retellings of classic tales.

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Written by Preston Smith

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