Ready for some Lush love? Check out these gems! 😍

We, the dreamy inhabitants of the Lush world have been regularly fed and pampered with shower jellies. Invigorating our shower routine with blessings like blue Whoosh, Snowman and Santa’s Belly, Lush shower jellies have become an absolute bath essential.

And now, Lush’s range of Shower Jelly’s has grown again! Fuzzable is happy to present you brand new spring collection gems that will add more fun to your shower ritual.

Conga Shower Jelly – Each £5.50 / 100g

A dreamy combination of raspberry, vanilla absolute and almond milk; if you need a little mood lifter after a tiring day, THIS lovely, pink Jelly is the one to choose!

Twilight Shower Jelly – Each £5.50 / 100g

If Twilight bath bomb or the shower gel are your favourite Lush products, THIS shower jelly is bound to join the list.

Colours like purple, blue and a bit of pink, mixed with the beloved scent of Lavender oil and warming tonka absolute will warm you up and help you feel the closeness of Twilight as it wraps you in its arms and comforts you with its fuzz.

To get a better grip and make your bathing experience even more refreshing, here’s a little pro-note: Take your shower jellies straight from the fridge or freezer before use. It’s even more refreshing and it might give you a bit more of a grip to hold onto it.

Which one of these amazing, wobbly shower gems is your favourite? Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know, which Jelly you like best!

Written by Vanessa

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