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Stepping away from the screen and into the pages

There’s no secret in the fact that I love reading.

Reading takes up a lot of my time, mostly due to the (seemingly) never-ending list of course books I have piled up on my bookshelves. Oh the joys of studying literature! But amongst the Shakespeare, Chopin and Dickinson editions listed high up on my priority list for class lies the small section of ‘me time’ reads. There’s the acclaimed ‘VOX’ by Christina Dalcher, Margaret Atwood’s ‘Hagseed’ and the beautiful ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ novel, amidst many others.

Whilst these ‘me time’ books for leisure and of personal choice have been started, with anywhere from 30 to 100 pages of them read, I never seem to find the time to finish them. That’s why this year one of my main reading goals is to make time for those ‘guilty pleasures’ I long to finish.

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Last year I was sometimes stuck in a Goodread’s rut and feeling a need to read as many books as possible outside of my course books. However, this year is a turning point. I want to finish these 3 books. Just 3. Now 3 books sounds like nothing to me in comparison to the twentyish I have upcoming for this semester (not including additional secondary reading!)

To try and achieve this goal, I want to start reading instead of scrolling aimlessly through Twitter / Facebook / other social media sites. My aim is to read a few pages before bed, instead of glued to Instagram or desperately watching the last few minutes of a YouTube video.

Though this post has been short, I hope you also feel inspired to take time for your hobbies, whatever they may be, away from a screen or social media.

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