Read how “The Other Nashville Society” is causing disruption in the music scene of Nashville

When one thinks of country music, Nashville immediately comes to mind. The place has achieved a cult status as the “City of Music” amongst both artists and music listeners.

For a long time, the country music has been the major identifier for the city but at the same time, being known for just one kind of music has affected the visibility of other genres in place.

The house of Ryman Auditorium has always been a hub for different kinds of genres and musical forms including Jazz and Blues but one gets to experience them only in certain areas and places in the city and that too as “alternative reality of the place”.

So, it has become extremely difficult for artists (especially indie and r&b musicians) to establish and carve a niche for themselves in the market.

But The Other Nashville Society trying to cause disruption and bring a major change to the scene by shifting focus to non country artists and providing them with much needed space and voice.

What is The Other Nashville Society?

The Other Nashville Society, known by the acronym TONS is a non-profit, part trade and part social club that was born when music professionals from different corners of the industry came together to unify the “fragmented”, non-country musical communities around Nashville. The members of this unique society include creators and industry professionals in the city’s Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Emo, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Orchestral, Electronic, and Christian music scenes.

What TONS aims to achieve?

As per the founders of the society, TONS aims:

  • To identify and bring together the non-country music community in Nashville.
  • To create an environment for connections and opportunities within this community
  • To be a vocal advocate for “The Other Nashville,” amplifying its success stories and point of view

Since its launch, the club has managed to acquire 500+ members, most of whom comes with rich experience in the industry and who aims to aid artists in getting visibility and achieving their dream.

The main objective is to create a balance between opportunities and space available to both country and non country artists. It will be interesting to see what strategy would the society come up with to reach its goal.

Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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