Ransom Riggs Returns!

If you fell in love with Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, were addicted to Hollow City and sobbed your way through A Library Of Souls, then prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime, I hope you packed your passport! Just when you thought your world couldn’t get any more peculiar, Riggs returns with another heart wrenching and page gripping adventure. A Map Of Days is the stunning new fourth installment in Riggs’ award winning series. In it, you’ll witness the peculiar children like you’ve never seen them before!

A long way from home – the other side of the world and hundreds of years later to be exact – Miss Peregrine’s wards find themselves faced with their biggest challenge yet… modern day America! The children are faced with solving a number of riddles and revolving doors, the internet and a TV set aren’t even half of it!

When the children stumble across a trap door in Abe’s old home, the true identity of Jacob’s grandfather begins to unravel. Armed with Abe’s old log book and his rare Hollowgast gift Jacob sets out to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps, and finish the work Abe began all those years ago. With Emma and his friends by his side Jacob must do the unthinkable in order to save America’s vulnerable peculiars…disobey Miss Peregrine! With the help of an old friend the brave peculiars must embark on their biggest mission yet. Follow Jacob and Emma across America as they meet new peculiar friends and find themselves in the most dangerous situations so far!

How does an invisible boy, a levitating girl and a telekinetic fit into a world so normal? Will Jacob finally find out who his Grandfather really was? Will they save the peculiars in time? And will Emma and Jacob finally get to be together?

Head down to your nearest Waterstones and pick up your copy of A Map Of Days (£14.99). For more information, visit: https://www.waterstones.com/book/a-map-of-days/ransom-riggs/9780141385907

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Written by Amy Carr

Hey, my name's Amy!

I have an absolute passion for writing! Reviews and exclusive releases are what I do best, with a cheeky bit of celeb gossip thrown in!

I'm an avid book reader and music is my thing, I love how our imaginations can take us far away from reality with just a few words! You are most likely to find me in my natural habitat . . . at a gig! It's where I feel most at home and at my happiest!

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