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15 ways in which you can celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

Life can be pretty tough. Every day there is a tragic event, something bad on the news, or an ongoing crisis somewhere in the world. When the world seems to be plunging into darkness, it is our responsibility to try and be the light by bringing happiness and sunshine.

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day which is dedicated to making the world a better place by spreading some kindness and happiness around. Whilst it’s great to receive an act of kindness from someone, it’s an even better feeling to be the one to make someone else smile.

The best part of it all? It doesn’t even need to cost anything. A simple smile, compliment or kind word to a person in need can make all the difference!

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’ve rounded up 15 ways in which you can spread kindness and happiness today and throughout the year.

1. Give five people a genuine compliment

It costs nothing to give someone a compliment. Like someone’s haircut? Fallen in love with someone’s new scarf? Find someone’s smile infectious? TELL THEM! It’s guaranteed to make them beam.

2. Give your spare change to a homeless person

Go without that coffee or cake and give your spare change to someone who needs it.

3. Leave your book/newspaper for someone else

Finished reading a book or paper on the tube, or in a public place? Leave it there so someone else can enjoy reading it after you.

4. Let someone into your lane when driving

We’re all in a rush, and driving can be stressful especially after a long day. Letting someone out in front of you at a junction or into your lane will be appreciated more than you know.

5. Make a playlist for a loved one to show them how much you care

Become best friends with Spotify and create the ultimate playlist for your friend, partner, sibling, or anyone you love dearly and show them how much you care. Remember to include some of their favourite songs or songs that remind you of them.

6. Reach out to someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while

We’re all guilty of being MIA in terms of keeping in touch with distant family members or old friends. Life gets so busy, but it’s important to make time for the important people in your life. Pick up the phone or send a message to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and it is bound to make their day.

7. Bring in treats to the workplace

Nothing says happiness more than cake. So what better way to put a smile on your work colleagues’ faces than by bringing in some delicious treats for them to share? You’ll also be everyone’s favourite work pal.

8. Put your phone away if you’re out with a friend or family member

We’re all guilty of being glued to our phones. With social media available at the touch of the button, it feels like we’re constantly on our phones, updating people on our lives. Put that phone away if you’re out with someone! Of course you can update your Facebook status, post an image on Snapchat or take a million and one selfies, but don’t be glued to your phone. Enjoy your face to face time with the person and have a conversation without distractions.

9. Pay forward for a hot drink for someone at a coffee shop

Imagine the person behind you ordering a coffee and being told that it was free because someone had already paid for it? That would indeed make their day. If you’re feeling flush, you could pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant.

10. Hold the lift for someone

Nobody is in that much of a rush that they cannot wait a few seconds to hold the lift door for someone!

11. Leave little notes with positive quotes on them in public places

This is a fun way of spreading kindness far and wide. Dig out your best positive quotes and throw kindness around like confetti by leaving notes in public restrooms, libraries, coffee shops etc.

12. Do something nice for a friend in need

We all have a friend who’s probably going through a hard time at the moment. Offer to help them out in some way – cook them a meal, help them with shopping or just be there and listen to their problems.

13. Get crafty

Handy with crafts? Take part in a local knitting scheme and knit hats and blankets for children and the elderly.

14. Donate to charity

Have a clear out and donate some of your unused belongings to charity. Not only will you be clearing some space at home, but you’ll also be helping to raise money for a worthy cause.

15. Send a friend a random gift

Everyone likes to receive parcels in the post. Make your friend’s day by sending a surprise package to simply make them smile.

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Written by Katrina

twenty-something content writer with a penchant for boybands, theatre and Disney. Email: katrinanaomirees@gmail.com

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