Quiz: Which Book-to-Film Adaptation Are You?

In recent years, many a notorious book-to-film adaptation has graced our screens – rather than pages – with their presences. Some avid bookworms may find such cinematic meddlings to be a disservice to their original literary works, while others are just happy to relish in their favourite universes once more.

Whether you’re the former or latter, you’ll want to find out just which book-to-film adaptation you are. Complete our quiz and you’ll find out!

Did you get a series you adore? One you’re not too fond of? As time moves on, we hope to see many more books turned into motion pictures so that we can revisit our favorite universes once more in a different format.

Which adaptation are you? Tweet us on Twitter with your quiz results @Fuzzable!

Written by The Uyen Cao

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