Quiz Clothing’s in-house designer Emma Kenyon forecasts what we can expect to see at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is happening right now, and we couldn’t be more excited. Between the four cities that host Fashion Week, London is known for being the most experimental, often showcasing newcomers that wouldn’t be as welcome at other shows.

We’ve teamed up with QUIZ’s in-house designer, Emma Kenyon to find out what they’re forecasting for the week.  

Prints on display

Thrift-inspired prints will make a comeback to our wardrobe. So, don’t be afraid to dig deep into your drawers and bring some of your old items back to life this season.

We think that designers will be bringing floral prints to the catwalk, so expect some bold and colourful patterns. A trend that we predict will continue to rise is tongue in cheek slogans on clothing, we’ve already seen it this year with Viktor and Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection of dresses at Paris Fashion Week. This featured daring dresses featuring slogans such as “I’m not shy I just don’t like you” and “Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come”.  

As well as this, designers have hinted that there will be some graphic checks — so make sure to look out for those!

Colours on display

We love a good throwback in fashion, and this year, we’ll be taking it back to the 1970s. Think retro colour palettes made up of merlot red, cerulean blue and rich yellows to create a look that’s as funky as the era itself. These bold colours won’t just be for your maxi dress in the summer, bring pops of colour to the office with bright blazers and matching court shoes.

We all loved mustard last year, but we’ll be switching things up in 2019 with purples, blood red and greens. If you’re one for darker colours, you’ll be pleased to hear that we can expect black on black to be big this season as designers show how you can switch up the classic shade.   

Neon colours are what you need for AW19. Cosy bright jumpers, bold winter dresses and eccentric party pants are just a few stand-out pieces that we’re anticipating at London Fashion Week.  

Accessories on display

We might be heading back to the 70s for colour, but our accessories will be statement pieces inspired by the 90s.

Everyone loves having a bag that they can rock no matter the occasion and that’s exactly why short strap shoulder bags are making their return. We recently experienced the return of the bum bag which was the ultimate festival essential last year and this year we can expect designers to smarten up the belt bag and make it more appropriate for every day wear. Could you see yourself sporting a belt bag to work?

We predict diamante hair clips, chandelier earrings, chunky hoops, anklets and chunky chain bags to match.

Multi-functional products are always a YES in our eyes. That’s why we can expect the silk scarf to make a grand entrance on the catwalk, worn in different ways to switch up the look.

Trends following LFW19

Sustainable fashion is forecasted to be the biggest trend of 2019, and rightly so. From multi-functioning garments such as the silk scarf to new materials, we can expect to see some designers taking steps towards a greener brand this year.

Outfits with an urban-edge will definitely be a hit on the runway, the blazers for men style will definitely become blazers for women. We predict strong party glamour looks that have been given an urban twist, set to mix up everyone’s clothes collections this season.

As well as this, we’re all for welcoming the new technology. From different materials used in the creation of clothes to the technology used in the show itself, we’re expecting technology to be a focus this February.

How are high-end styles made for the high-street?

It’s important to always look at the most current trends on the runway and take inspiration from there. What is getting people talking? And, what garments are people loving the most? From these pieces I consider which pieces will appeal most to our customers and apply the look to a style that I know our customer would wear.

What does the future hold for fashion?

I think consumer-friendly fashion is going to be huge in the next few years. Additionally, I hope that the current desire for sustainable fashion continues and in 10 years’ time the market is in a better position to allow the consumer to shop knowing that they are doing so sustainably.

More information for LFW19 can be found on their website. The event will be held Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th February.  Let us know at @Fuzzable which shows you are excited to see.

Written by Kelly McFarland

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