6 Questions We Still Have About ‘Once Upon a Time’

It’s been nearly six months since Once Upon a Time, ABC’s resident fairy tail drama, came to a close after seven fun seasons, and we’re still thinking about it. One of the show’s fascinating qualities was its large cache of characters with which it played, but with so many characters and story lines, some became muddled and not wrapped up like we wish they were. Here are some of the questions we still have:

1. What happened to Zelena’s first time travel attempt?

Before season five we only knew of Zelena’s time travel plot in Storybrooke. But that changed in “Our Decay,” when we see her gathering ingredients for a previous attempt. What happened to this attempt? We can assume it failed because of her plot in Storybrooke, but it still would have been interesting to see how this one unfurled.

2. What happened to Will and Anastasia’s happy ending?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a hidden gem in its own right, but it became even more canonical with the main series with Will Scarlet’s arrival in Storybrooke in season four. But what exactly separated him from his wife Anastasia? The hints we did receive seem to relay that something bad may have happened, but as for what exactly separated them we will never know.

3. Was Guinevere’s agency ever restored after Arthur’s death?

In season five we meet King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in Camelot, but early on Arthur uses the Sands of Avalon on Guinevere, ultimately making her obedient to him regardless of her own will. At the end of season five, Hades kills Arthur in Storybrooke. Did this reverse the effects of the sand because he’s no longer living? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

4. How did Aurora get Philip’s soul back?

A handful of episodes after Philip’s death, Cora tells Aurora there is a way to retrieve his soul and bring him back to life. We were mesmerized and couldn’t wait to see this plot unfold, but instead we just see his return later with no mention of how Aurora brought him back. In our opinion, this is one of the biggest missed opportunities (especially when considering Emma and co. later went to the Underworld to save Hook).

5. What happened with Lily and her father?

In the series finale we receive a brief shoutout: the long-awaited reveal of Lily’s father. But how did she find him, and what is the history between Lily, Maleficent, and Zorro?

6. What are the other places Alice visited?

While this one is slightly less pressing, it’s still something we find quite interesting and were sad to never see. When Henry first meets Alice, she declares that she is from other places than simply just Wonderland, but we never do receive any indication of what exactly these other places are. Would anyone else love a spinoff series with her and Robin exploring the various realms of the Once Upon a Time universe or is that just us?

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Written by Preston Smith

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