Questions To Ask Before Getting A Piercing

Thinking of getting a piercing but want to feel prepared beforehand? We’ve gathered some questions you may want to ask yourself or the piercer before going under the needle!

Questions to ask yourself

How tolerant are you of pain – Some piercings are more painful than others. Considering your pain threshold will be a big marker on deciding whether you want the piercing or not.

Are you committed to cleaning it – It can become increasingly tiresome to clean your piercing; some you have to clean twice a day for at least month to prevent infection. Asking yourself whether you can be committed to taking care of it might help in your decision.

Questions to ask the piercer

What will the procedure be – Procedure may vary per piercing and per piercer. Some use needles whereas some use a piercing gun.

How to clean it – Knowing how to clean your fresh piercing effectively will be very beneficial. It’s typically the same for a majority of piercings but it’s in your best interests to clarify with the piercer, just in case.

What to do if it gets infected – Having your brand new piercing become infected is the last thing you want to happen. If it does it’s best to know what to do from a professional.

What type of metal/material is being used – This can be handy when you’re searching for new jewellery yourself.

Is there anything that you should avoid doing/wearing in the healing process – For a fresh piercing you might need to avoid doing certain activities or applying certain ingredients around that area. For example, you might need to avoid swimming or wearing make up to prevent infection or irritation.

How long should it take to heal – This will help you understand how long to clean it for and when it’d be most suitable for you to change the jewellery. Some materials can’t be used on piercings in the healing process so make sure to check with the piercer how long it should take to heal and/or how long you should wait until changing the jewellery.

We hope these questions help you on your way to finding out whether you do want a piercing or not! Do you have any questions you would ask yourself or the piercer beforehand? Let us know over on Twitter.

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