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‘Quantico’ Changes Formula, Intrigues with Final Season

After what seemed like an endless hiatus, Quantico returned to television on April 26, 2018, with its third season.

Where the first two seasons ran for 22 episodes, the current season will run for 13. The series furthermore changed its format as it entered its new season. The first two juxtaposed the present day scenes with episodic flashbacks that filled viewers in on the events leading up to the present. The third, however, consists solely of present day plot lines occurring three years after the events of the second season.

While a variety of newcomers joined the cast in its second season, the third found a larger cast change. Priyanka Chopra, Johanna Brady, Jake McLaughlin, Russell Tovey, and Blair Underwood return as main cast members in their respective portrayals of Alex Parrish, Shelby Wyatt, Ryan Booth, Harry Doyle, and Owen Hall, but the rest of their comrades appear to be M.I.A. Filling in for them are newcomers Marlee Matlin, Alan Powell, Amber Skye Noyes, and Vandit Bhatt who play Jocelyn Turner, Mike McQuigg, Celine Fox, and Jagdeep Patel, respectively.

Series veterans Blair Underwood, Priyanka Chopra, and Jake McLaughlin standing around newcomer Marlee Matlin. Photo courtesy of TVLine.

The changes made to the series’ third season can likely be attributed to an updated production team. Series creator Joshua Safran resigned as showrunner for the third season, with Michael Seitzman stepping up to fill the role. With this, the show changed from its flashback-present day cycle of storytelling and became slightly more episodic, fighting various battles with an overarching goal of creating an underground team to keep America safe.

Despite the alterations that were made and the fact that only three episodes of the current series have aired, ABC revealed on Friday, May 11, 2018, that the series would not be returning for a fourth season.

While it may be the final season, Quantico provides a wealthy cache of characters to which you immediately become attached on top of plots that keep you on the edge of your toes. The first two seasons can be streamed on Netflix in the United States, and the third and final season, which still has 10 episodes left to air, can be viewed Thursday nights at 10 pm EST on ABC.

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