Putumayo gears up to launch music-powered travel experiences

For any conscious music listener, a song paves a way and creates an urge to learn more about the creator and culture that, gave birth to the work of art in the first plae. When one thinks of Havana by Camila Cabello, one cannot ignore the images of the capital of Cuba enamoring us with its vibrant environment and rich history.

Putumayo founder Dan Storper and Putumayo music researcher Jacob Edgar understands the power music holds in passing on the legacy and history of a place. Once a lifestyle brand, reputed for offering the curated experiences to its customers, Putumayo is now expanding its horizon to offer music-powered travel experiences to the art enthusiasts.

In a partnership with insightCuba/Masala Expeditions, the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary by offering listeners and fans real-world experiences by launching Putumayo World Travel.

The company invites participants to experience first-hand the extraordinary sounds, sights and cultures of the world. Putumayo World Travel has already taken two successful trips to Cuba, with new expeditions planned for New Orleans (March 2019) and Peru (September 2019).

“Putumayo is defined by tasteful curation and presenting universally appealing and uplifting music and culture to wide audiences in accessible ways,” says Putumayo founder and president Dan Storper, who works closely with Edgar to discover music and craft the compilations. “The same curation approach guides our trips. Anyone can fall in love with the music, people, and places.”

“Music breaks down boundaries between people,” notes Edgar. On the trips to Cuba, for example, Edgar looks for ways in which music can bridge the local/tourist divide that often keeps visitors from having more substantive interactions. Edgar brings guests to venues frequented by locals, not just tourists, where they can share rum, conversation, and dance moves and create meaningful connections and experiences. Travelers visit rehearsal spaces, private homes, recording sessions, art studios, and other off-the-beaten-path locations.

About Putumayo

Putumayo World Music was established in 1993 by Founder/CEO Dan Storper to introduce people to other cultures through great international music. Putumayo has become known for its upbeat, melodic compilations of world and American roots music characterized by the company’s mottos: “Guaranteed to make you feel good!” and “Celebrate theWorld!”

Written by ayushi

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