PÜR x Barbie – We finally have the chance to do our make up like her!

Barbie has been an essential part of most of the kids’ childhood. Dreaming of becoming like Barbie dolls, the brand has transformed itself beyond commodities and has transitioned into an important lifestyle factor.

Since the very first one was released back in 1959, exactly 60 years ago, generations upon generations have grown with the same wish of becoming Barbie.

In a process to “grow” up, some of us got rid of our dolls, but there might still be that wish living and breathing within us? Well, if it lives within you too: We will now be able to do our Make Up like Barbie!

The brand has teamed up with PÜR and released an absolutely stunning 10 – piece collection of everything we will need to give our make up the final Barbie – stylish touch!

Let’s take a closer look at all the glitter, sparkles and pink we will now be able to get within our vanity box!

Endless Possibilities Pressed Pigments Palette – Each $34

Dream Glow Highlighter Palette – Each $25

Girl Gloss Signature High Shine Lip Gloss – Each $16

Signature Semi-Matte Lipstick – Each $18





Doll Lash Signature Cruelty-Free Pro Eyelashes – Each $14

Glitterally Pink Signature Brightening Peel Off Mask – Each $26

Forever Flawless Signature Complexion Brush – Each $26

Get in touch with Fuzzable on Twitter and let us know which item from this beautiful, glittery collection is your favourite.

As PÜR already took it as their watchword in connection with 60 years of Barbie- celebration: Never lose your sparkle!

Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
In my spare time you will find me at my favourite bookstore checking on all the new releases, at a coffee shop reading or writing my own little bits and pieces. In that time, I mostly listen to my favourite songs by McFly, 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, The Rolling Stones or the Beatles.
And I LOVE to wear something with stripes and polka dots!

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