Punky Colour’s Mood Switch is a hair must have this summer!

Want to do something different with your hair this summer? Then you need Punky Colours Mood Switch.

Punky Colours Mood Switch is a non-permanent hair effect, that washes out in just one wash. What makes it so cool is changes colour when heat is applied.

So say you apply the purple shade, blow dry it and the heat will turn it to a turquoise colour and is it cools down it will go back to its original purple shade. It’s really easy to apply. You apply it to dry hair on as little or as much as your hair as you want and then you blow dry it and just watch your hair transform. Absolutely perfect for a night out or a summer barbeque where you want a bit of a different look. And then with one quick wash, it disappears.

One of the only downsides is it sits on top of your hair so the next morning your hair feels like you went to bed with a ton of hairspray on your hair. The colour works on all hair colours although we found the best results came if your hair is blonde or had recently been coloured.

But overall we love it. Our fave is the purple to turquoise shades…. we can’t get over how easy it to use and how fabulous it is for wanting to quickly change up your hair. it’s really quick to do and they do a variety of different shades including Purple to Turquoise and Orange to Yellow. Punky Colours are brilliant to take on holiday to mix up your look a bit.

Let us know @Fuzzable if you have used Punky Colours Mood Switch!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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