Primark x Solo – May the 4th Be With You.

The force is stronger then ever. Solo : A Star Wars Story is being released in 3 weeks, it’s Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) and now to add to our excitement expanding across many galaxy’s Primark has dropped their Han Solo collection.

We’ve decided to share with you the range, and bring you the low down on everything so we can all celebrate our favourite twosome, Han and Chewbacca.

£8 – One of the t-shirts in this collection is this amazing shirt. The vintage comic book feel is so cool and quirky. It may be a mens shirt, but girls buy this a size up team with some patterned tights for a look so hot this summer that even Princess Leia would be proud of it.

£6, 5 pack. Screw the rules of ‘socks having to  be boring’. These socks are essential if your planning on saving the galaxy with your favourite droids.

£8. If saving money is as important as saving space princesses to you, then this C3-P0 money box is perfect. Not only is it practical but it’s the perfect decoration to add to your room.

We can’t deny we made all sorts of chewbacca noises when seeing this. Who doesn’t need a Chewie mug? No cup of tea or coffee will ever be one where you feel sad as long as you have this!

£8 There is not more of a perfect summer t-shirt then this. We’re obsessed with the retro feel and the stripes have us more in love then Rey and Finn.

£6 Is this the greatest thing Primark have ever sold? Yes. Our favourite little droid R2 D2 featuring our favourite drink; tea. We’re beeping with excitement! We can’t be the Obi Wan to need this.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do! Solo: A Star Wars Story is out in theatres 25th May, and until you catch the film make sure to visit your local Primark to pick up all these amazing things and more!

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Written by Niki

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