Primark are giving our makeup bags a happily ever after!

Beauty and the Beast is one of (well technically two of) the best films of all time. Nothing can warm your heart more then a talking tea cup,a beast kidnapping a girl and that same beast lashing out in rage a few times. That and the power of true love, and an enchanted rose. We’re all obsessed with the original cartoon adaption of the famous fairy tale and the live action remake released in 2016. Primark have just teased that they too are obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, and are bringing out a range off beauty essentials inspired by our favourite movie.

Teasing on Primark’s Instagram yesterday they gave us a sneak preview of their incredible new products coming really soon.

This stunning Rose style buffing brush has caught our eye. Buffing in our foundation will feel like a dream. The bristles are dense, allowing for your base to look as flawless as Belle’s.

Belle’s lashes are one of the biggest inpsirations for our day to day makeup. The doe eye effect is literally the most iconic lash looks. Primark have made it a billion times easier with these Belle false lashes. Hopefully these will help us find a Beast to fall in love with us.

You never see a Disney princess with a bad maincure. So these nail files with stunning detail will inspire us to never have a bad nail day again. Yay!

If Belle showers, Belle will be showering with this rose shaped shower scrunchy. We love it! We can’t wait to sing in the shower whilst lathering up with an enchated shower rose.

Our favourite part of the whole Beauty and the Beast collection is these beautiful and classy makeuo brushes. The base set includes everything we need to fake perfect skin. Emma Watson eat your heart out!

We can’t wait for the collection to drop soon. We’re going to be buying EVERYTHING in hope we find someone who will love us until the last rose petal drops. For more information and updates on these launches, check out Primarks website.

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Written by Niki


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