Pride Month : My Hero, My Brother.

Hero – noun
  1. 1.
    A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

We all have a hero; someone we look up to, who makes us feel safe, someone we aspire to be more like. It may be a celebrity, a comic book star or someone we know. Mine is my big brother Dan.

On the outside looking in, my brother is a standard 28 year old. He works in insurance, he likes a cider on a warm summers evening, he enjoys sci-fi films and plays Candy Crush Saga daily. If you scratch a tiny bit deeper, you see someone whose an every day hero.

Ever since the beginning of my time, I have had my brother beside me. Our mum and dad split when we were young but even when things got confusing or tough, my brother would be there for me. He’d put his feelings aside to support me, his baby sister. We were only apart during school hours. We’d come home and as soon as our coats were off, we’d spend until bedtime playing schools or Dan teaching me the dance routine to Steps songs. We reached the age where we swapped playing for talking, and my brother always was keen to teach me what he’d learnt at school, or listen to my dramas and give advice.

My brother’s never had a time where he has been interested in girls. I can hand on heart say I’ve looked at a lot more boobs then he has. So when he came out as gay when he was 18 he was nervous of our reaction, but we all knew in our hearts that this is who my brother is. It would of been more shocking if he said he had a girlfriend.

My brother faced some tough times. He’d done a gap year with our church as a youth worker. The church told my brother it was just a phase, they’d pray for him. My mum was even offered a retreat to ‘heal’ my brother. We never went to that church again because God made my brother perfectly, he doesn’t need a retreat, prayer or to be told his heart is just a phase.

I’ve attended Pride festivals with my brother, nothing makes me more proud. He stands tall, smiles and lets loose the whole weekend. Whether he’s dressed up to meet the themes of the festivities or walking in the pride parade, it’s a time for him to celebrate how much love he has got in his heart.

Our home is a family home, where my 4 year old is our focal point. She doesn’t know what gay is per say, but she knows that love is the same to everyone. She understands Uncle Dan has had boyfriends. When my brother brought his ex home to meet the family, my niece decided to meet the family means she has to have story time and play time. When my brother wrote in a card to my sister ‘Dear Grace, Love Dan xx’, she read it and was upset. ‘Dan Dan, your not allowed to love Mummy, its against the rules, you love boys not girls’.

So that’s why my brother is my hero, he is kind, strong, brave and simply the best.

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