Preston: My 2017 in pictures

2017 presented uncountable obstacles, yet also contains countless memories that I will cherish forever. The following five pictures are but a mere attempt at capturing the year’s essence.


Left to right: Helios in August, Helios in December

August 1 was an eventful day to say the least. I moved into my first apartment, but even more excitingly, when my mom and younger sister arrived home from helping me move in they found a batch of kittens – my cat Elsa had given birth. I took in one of the kittens since they needed homes and named him Helios. My junior year has been nothing short of enhanced by having him with me. Now almost six months old, it has been amazing raising him and he has captured my entire heart. From finding his favorite food to playing with him to getting him neutered with his vaccinations, the journey with Helios has been one I will always cherish. I cannot wait to continue seeing him grow.

In addition to my fur baby, I officially became an uncle this year. My older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April, and despite distance, it has truly been an honor to see his growth thus far via photos, FaceTime, and the occasional visit. He is sprightly and spirited and never ceases to leave a smile on my face. Seeing him grow over the years will be one of the greatest honors in my life.


Left to right: Romy Madley Croft (The xx), Oliver Sim (The xx), Kesha

College can be extremely stressful, so concerts are basically essential for stress relief. The first concert of the year occurred early in the year in January when Kesha performed at my university. The remainder of the year brought the following shows to fruition: Bebe Rexha, Panic! At the Disco with Saint Motel and MisterWives, CupcakKe with K.I.D, and The xx. All of these were absolutely phenomenal, and I’m excited to see what shows are in store for 2018.


Left to right: Preston Smith (me), Emilie de Ravin (Belle from Once Upon a Time), Jessica Aregood (my mother)

I have been obsessed with ABC’s Once Upon a Time since my freshman year of high school (I’m now a junior in college), and I was fortunate enough to attend Creation’s Once Upon a Time convention in Rosemont, Illinois, in June. This was the second year I attended, and it was even better than the first. I was able to meet many of the cast members, get a break from my summer job, eat delicious deep dish pizza, and spend quality time with my mother.


This collage is very special to me because it signifies my twenty-first birthday, which at some points in my life I never thought I would reach. My birthday doesn’t fall until the end of the year, December 23 to be exact, but it was an enjoyable day with fun drinks, matching semicolon tattoos with my mother, and an aca-amazing viewing of Pitch Perfect 3.


College this year has been a lot like this story map. This map was hung at an arts event at my university and was put together by Mid-American Review, my internship this fall semester. In addition to interning, I completed ten classes, began the application process to study abroad next fall, declared a second minor, and fully attended my first writing festival. I am beyond excited for what 2018 has in store, as I will be completing my undergraduate thesis in the spring semester and hopefully studying abroad in the fall semester.

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