PREMIER: Vimbai Taylor releases her latest track ‘Artificial Pleasure’

At the tender age of sixteen, Vimbai Taylor has always felt music in her soul and creates music that resonates with everyone from all kinds of perspectives.

Here at Fuzzable we’re so excited to be premiering her latest track ‘Artificial Pleasure’. The song has been described as giving voice to the trap of drugs, alcohol or sex that people fall into. Vimbai says she was inspired to write the song after listening to the radio and hearing others praise the existence of mind altering drugs.

Listen to ‘Artificial Pleasure’ here

We love the song and the message it portrays. Its initial vibes are somewhat reminiscent of popular band The 1975, and the emotional lyrics combing with the music reaching a crescendo into the chorus portrays the message of the song in a new depth.

We’re so excited to see what comes next for Vimbai and what the future holds for her. Vimbai is definitely going to go far within the industry, already building up a following of fans (us included!). Clearly she is only just getting started with her musical endeavours, and she’s on track to becoming an important voice for her generation; musically and socially.

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